A red wine kind of guy…

Post Hockney, and inspired by the work in the show at the Royal Academy I’ve been back on Brushes app (and Art Rage but more on that at a later date) to see how I can start pushing myself a little more. Not that I’m getting much time to sit and draw at the moment (this weeks been crackers and my feet are killing me. That said both holiday clubs seemed to go really well, which was nice).

Anyhow: son boy wanted to sit and watch youtube videos and, since he’s as accidentally likely to stumble on one that’s NOT suitable (seriously youtube – can you get a filter sorted please?) I said I’d sit with him and keep an eye out. That led to this (because I can multi-task, honest) but it bears little resemblance to the Hockney-esque inspiration which preceded it. Hey ho, that’s why he is who he is and I am what I is.

Brushes app, iPad 2, finger rather than stylus as they were downstairs and son boy and I were up.