Tablet only life drawing, April 1st. Honest.

Loads of updates to go up in the next couple of days… So much to catch up on including the fotowalk with the lovely LMUG and British Tech Network guys and gals and the closing of the art exhibition (a week ahead of schedule, was a tricky friday). I also did a camera comparison of four Apple devices so I’ll throw that on the blog sometime soon.

BUT on to business! This Sunday coming, April the 1st, (it’s been a mad March) sees the Bar Des Arts host the world’s first tablet ONLY life drawing session with the brilliant Brighton Life Drawing Sessions as the models. It’s going to be a corker and there are still a few tickets left so if you want to join in get in touch.

(click on the image for larger version).

We’ll start at 7 and end at 9.30 and, while there play with art apps and styli and all sorts. And hopefully some people in the room will discover how easy and lovely drawing on iPad’s and other styli can be…

(more stuff to come but much to do, aargh!)