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Alice, autism and the castle.

Went out for the morning for a very lovely 3 – 4 mile walk with the family and, cos I is who I is, I was happy to do  the photos thing as we walked. These made me smile more than any I took as the mix of images was a result of the reflection and not through any photo editing 🙂 Lucky shots. I did do a smidge of colour correction at the end using Snapseed (and both images were taken on iPhone so very happily portably orientated from the get go) but the reflection? That was just pure accident, luck and right place/right time 🙂

The last pic… That’s something different. Son boy is autistic (very high on the ASD spectrum) and wasn’t the quietest of company on the walk 🙂 (which is why we went out anyhow, just to get some exercise done). On the route we saw a curved mirror and his first thought was to rest his head against the smooth glass. It was a moment of respite, noise wise, and seemed a very visual way of looking at how he might be seeing the world…

A Paper review, tweet by tweet.

Yes, I know, I should be talking about the life drawing, or the app showcase from last week or a million other things. I will, but am still cutting videos etc. In the short term: a tweeted app review!

Accidentally reviewed Paper (by FiftyThree) over a few sequential tweets so thought I’d add that here before I can never find it again…

Paul KercalPaul Kercal ‏ @Kercal

Initial thoughts on paper: undo icon ((action)) is very misleading (read macworld review for fix), LOVELY pad implementation, tools feel expensive ish.

Paul KercalPaul Kercal ‏ @Kercal

Then again Paper’s free. Trial pages could be easier to use, it’d be nice to clear whole screen in demo area to really play. No zoom is..hmm

Paul KercalPaul Kercal ‏ @Kercal

Overall though Paper looks great+for free = more than worth a look. Dunno if it’ll take over from brushes/art rage/ideas/sketchshare for me.

Paul KercalPaul Kercal ‏ @Kercal

Last couple of paper thoughts: no portrait mode? Again, pure or limiting? +the note title fonts so densely packed Journal looks like Joumal.

Paul KercalPaul Kercal ‏ @Kercal

Paper: also – I can understand no tool resize on pen (still feels a bit rich re buying smaller sizes) but no resize on watercolour limits.

Overall, love it with reservations. Don’t know if no zoom is big thing or adds to purity. Beautiful inky lines.

Paper again: things we’ve become used to not there, gorgeous, lovely pad integration. Didn’t like the initial opening screen paper texture.

Paul KercalPaul Kercal ‏ @Kercal

Between @Sketchshare, Draw Somethng+ Paper has there ever been more iPad drawing? Hope it’s start of lots of people finding their art 🙂


So there we have it. A potted review of one of the new vogue art apps. Updates soon I hope with things like clock hands for undo (to see how far you’re going back and forth, resizes on watercolour, zoom etc. But it’s a LOT of fun and the closest thing to having a Moleskine in your pocket. On a screen. Doodles below, will carry on using this app, I think.