Daily Archives: 14 April, 2012

Computer Arts, 1995 – 2012 and onwards.

I remember issue 1, oh yes. In fact I still have it around the house somewhere. Commy Arts and Edge are now, pretty much, the only mags I follow since the beginning, not because I’m a compulsive horder (although a certain amount of therapy is helping with that) but because I’m, and have been since the respective issues 1 (or 0 in Edge’s case). I’ve also had a few pieces of art printed in both mags off and on… I’ve grown up a bit and the mags have been part of the process…

So with that in mind I bought issue 200 of Commy A as soon as it hit the shelves, ready to party 🙂 (Actually it joined me on the journey to Microsoft when I was up there to chat art apps and education, as noted here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/56759148@N00/7048974535/in/photostream Computer Arts drawn on a train, using Adobe Ideas app).

And then two art apps had retina display updates: Art Rage and ProCreate and I had to test out the former (and will do the latter later). Art Rage is a lovely iPad app (and desktop and iPhone app as well, all equally amazing) but to me I enjoy it most on the iPad, the idea of such an extraordinarily powerful app running on such a small slither of computer is the future full stop.

So: issue 200, remixed, painted on iPad 3, using Art Rage app and three styli: Cosmonaut for blocking in, Nomad Brush for flourish 🙂 and Pogo Pro for final detail lines. Would have used my Jot stylus too but it seems to have gummed up 🙁


with an accompanying process video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lADewJbtNuY