On Collaboration.

Recently I’ve been asked a number of interesting questions about collaboration by a number of people who seem similarly minded to me on the subject.

So first off, that’s nice. I’m not alone in my occasionally mad machinations.

Secondly an app has sprung up recently which REALLY inspires my love of collaborative work. It’s a lot of fun, something which, from the get go, I wanted to share with the world and so, over a range of social networks, I have. This is not a post about that app, more on the collaboration it has inspired.

And no, it’s not Draw Something, although I love the fact that that app, more than any other, has got the mobile device world drawing on their screens…

The app I’ve fallen in love with is called Sketchshare and, from the instant it first booted (hah, there’s a blast from the past word), it blew my mind.

Remember when the Nintendo DS first appeared? What inspired people the most? Mario 64 on a handheld? One of the left-field games? (I didn’t come to a DS until a little later so, for me, one of the launch games was Feel The Magic which I thought was gloriously odd and made some brave and clever decisions). For me it was the chat room and the ability to draw and type at the same time. Fast forward to now and, Netsketch aside, no app has made me want to draw with people as I put stylus to glass screen (although I am growing to like Draw Something as well)…

Anyway, this post is about the collaboration aspect and last night I came back from a family birthday party with a stinking cold and opened up an art chat with the amazing Mr Dave Hall. Fun it was and we spent a wonderful couple of hours creating this image together:

The time flew by and was only interrupted by the fact that my sons bedtime took priority (or, more truthfully that my wife reminded me that my sons bedtime took priority) and that was the spur to finish. But we could have gone on and on… Fun it was, and more fun it will grow to be.

The fact that up to four people can draw at the same time? Lovely. Haven’t managed to get four people drawing at the same time but I will, I hope. As it is all of the sketchshare collaborations I’ve had, with Roz, Rose, Ben, Stefan, Chris, Stew, Richard, Mr Rama, Mr Stick and Mr Siggs, Lenny and the Grauel and, of course, the luminescent Lumilyon… All have been wonderful moments, chatting and doodling and seeing what happens when pixels are herded together by more than one pair of hands.

Long time readers of the blog will know that 2004 – 2009 were lovely art collab years focused around the Big Book Draw. Is there a way to get that and the newly found collapp work put together? I really hope so… We’ll see… For the moment? Onwards, onto the next picture, and the one after. My favourite ones being those that friends are a part of, rather than simply the audience of.

Why collaborative art? Because enthusiasm is infectious and is a bug that wants to be caught…


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  1. Thanks for the informed insights into collaborative drawing, and the applications out there. While I can barely draw a reasonable Hangman during the game 🙂 , it is always interesting to hear about others’ works and interests.

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