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Oh my goodness…

So… very … tired.

Doesn’t help that I did my back in like a good ‘un on Friday. Yes, the friday of the first of three final workshops for the wretched students still working on things. Very irritating. Had to hobble into work and still walking around like a 90 year old.

In other news! Maidenhead was fabulous, Merrist Wood wonderful and the Camberley theatre art session glorious. You can see videos of them here (interactive whiteboard art), here (iPad art) and here (shrink plastic art).

((added to that you can find a short lecture I delivered on Eyeflow here which went down well, twice on the same day 🙂 ))

So, over the course of a week, I worked with, and delivered arty lessons to, 300+ teens, as well as my normal bunch of students. And youth group. Busy week 🙂

Since then? Mainly focused on the students but some cool new stuff in the pipeline including one of the three dream projects that’s been bobbling around my mind for a while. And some limited edition prints of artwork for the British Tech Network. And t-shirts. And liv e drawing one of the most famous technology journos on the planet. And… well…

Tired. But cool stuff happening also.

May the 12th, 2012th.

Oh it’s been a year…

The next stop on my art journey is this Saturday at the Maidenhead Art on the Street event. The more I find out about it the more I’m excited to be a part of it and I’ve gone from being a very irregular visitor to come to being  smitten with their art shop (an amazing place with four floors and an art room which makes my art classroom pale into dungeon like status. That said, it will not topple Guildford Art Centre from my affections as one of the nicest places on the planet, partially because I think Phillipa would kill me if I said anything even remotely close to that effect. It’s a close race though…)

The Art on the Street  event? Sounds brilliant. 120 pitches for artists to sell their wares, lots of information for new and growing artists, live music, treasure maps, all sorts. Fantastic stuff. You can read more about it here:

My involvement? Well, I’ve been drawing on a range of odd and unusual screens for a while, as readers of the blog will know, and one of my favourite screens is a Promethean IWB 500. Mutlitouch and a lovely canvas to use Art Rage software on. I’d already live drawn on a Promethean IWB at a trade show before and had video’d not only one of the images created (IWB art) but also the journey to the show (iPad art).

This time it’s different! This time there’s a plan 🙂 (Last time I was told to show up and draw).

This time it’s a book draw.

Yes, I know. One of them… And yes, it does sound counter-intuitive bearing in mind we’ll be drawing on a large flat, matt canvas with digital paint.

The thing is, I know they work. I like the characters (The Dragon and His Princess). And to see kids come out of the session with a small book that they’ve made? Always very exciting. So I put my mind to how the Dragon and His Princess would interact with an IWB and, from then on in, the story pretty much wrote itself…

So… Here are some images that have been made during the planning process and, on Saturday… It’ll all be very busy and lively and exciting I expect and a very exciting book will be finished. Me, I’ve only done a small part of it, there’s much more to be made and that’s not my job, me I’ll just be there to hold the IWB pen and encourage others to do the cool stuff…. Videos and pictures of the day to follow, these are doodles from the week leading up to May the 12th, 2012th.

All images painted on Promethean IWB 500 using Art Rage software between teaching classes 🙂 You can see a video of the making of two of the images above here:

Looking forward to it? Oh yes. That said I have to get a train there at 8 which means getting up at 6.30. On a night after youth group. And then wifeys out in the evening so I’m not even able to sleep then! (Then a Sunday group doing art and craft activities…. The fun never ends. Sunday afternoon will be sleep, sleep, sleep, as Damon Albarn once beautifully soundtracked)…

Big screen fun, small paper finale. Hope you can join me, say hi if you do.

Stylus t. Frog and the book on the digital shelf.


So, now it’s here: Stylus t. Frog and the Weapons of Mass Construction. 100 pages of iPad artwork.

Yes, my ability to pick a succinct and snappy name still eludes me, that much is certain. But I like Stylus t. and felt he deserved equal billing. Although, again, bearing in mind he is in the title and I am a footnote also says a lot about me, psychologically, I suspect.

Anyhow, a sample can also be found at the same link above, and at £4.99 for 100 pages for the full on version  it’s…. good value? Hard to work it out. Some books are cheaper, some more expensive. Hopefully it’s a fair price. I am a struggling artist with a next generation Absenthe style addiction to uphold (hello Comixology app).

Hope you like! Let me know, if you do 🙂 There’s lot in there from art apps (Brushes, Adobe Ideas, Art Rage, Eazel, Sketchshare and more), styli (Nomad Brush, Pogo, Stylus Sock and so on) and much much more…


Previously, in Kercalblogland:

(apologies is that’s confusing. I just realised I’d buried the lead in a big way).

Oh boy this has been a bit of a journey.

In Feb Apple released a desktop app called iBooks Author. I was instantly smitten, inspired, excited and so on. Within weeks I’d produced 90% of a book on iPad art.

So far so good. The application was easy to use, had a couple of niggles but nothing show stopping, and the process flowed pretty well, often late into the night, night after night.

And then I read the T and Cs. To sell a book I needed a US tax code. That took…. a while… I needed an ISBN. That was a little easier. And it needed to clear Apple iBookstore QA. That also took a while (6 weeks in fact although, fair play to them as soon as they opened the floodgates that must have been a LOT of words they had to read from a large number of submissions).

Hundreds of screen refreshes later I was rewarded by the little green dot and was so delighted I didn’t know what to do. As it was just gone 6am (having been woken by my son getting cross with Mario Kart) I tried and failed to get another half hours sleep. Now it’s the morning of emailing, texting, tweeting and as much as I can do to get any sort of interest in the work. We’ll see how that goes…

…and a brief info burst, as I’ve been asked for one:

Who: Paul Kercal – A level graphics teacher and iPad artist. And youth worker. And occasional writer. Where? Guildford College mainly. Why? Love iPads and iPhones: the screen offers a lovely immediacy – it’s fab to be involved in friction free artworking. When? I draw on busses and trains off and on. Sometimes in cafes, occasionally in pubs. For more info contact wd ((at)) kercal ((dot)) co ((dot)) uk