Creative Week day 5.

If I were writing a press release about the past week it would go something like… “Adobe’s Creative Week was a fabulous thing to be involved in and I sincerely hope that it becomes a significant part of every years creative calendar. I learnt a huge amount over the two days I was there and met some very cool and interesting people”.

Or some such. It was a very interesting week all told. A wide range of professionals having fun, talking shop, eating a wide and visually pleasing array of canopes and nibbles and, for me, a good place to sit and draw and sketch on my trusty iPad 2. These are the images that came out of day 5 (although I was only there on days 2 and 5). All drawn using Adobe Ideas except for the last one created with Adobe Eazel.

Next year I hope that the course I’m trying to get going becomes more a part of the Creative Week proceedings, we’ll see, but by this time in 2013 I should have a clutch of confident and talented iPad artists to work with, which will be fun. Similarly, while the studio talks were all excellent, and well worth catching up with on the catch up channel Adobe has put in place, my studio is the back of a bus and that translates very well to being filmed 🙂 We’ll see, aspirations and dreams and so forth.

Spent the Friday at the Creative Week studios and then walking around London with the fabulous iPhoneographer Lumilyon. We chatted projects and plans, hers and mine and, hopefully, a couple of collaborative works over the next year. ‘Twas a very good day.

More to come, as ever. Thanks to all who tweeted nice things and asked questions. Now onto what’s next. Although I might chill out for the rest of the weekend I think…

Also: was very excited to be a featured artist by Adobe US. That consisted of an interview and a specifically created piece of art (the stylus image which you can find in the post below). The interview itself can be found here. My interview with the David and Rupert from the Creative Week can be found here by clicking on the Tuesday 10th video and then clicking on the final dot towards the end. I’ve not watched it yet, must admit, but that’s where I is 🙂 You would also be able to see me drawing away during the first part of the video, the studio discussion, also at the same link.

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  1. Wonderful to hear and see your work, as always, in the past few posts; but extra wonderful to hear of you being a featured artist at Adobe’s Creative Week and to read your interview — congratulations and well done.

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