SketchTime time.

Is there a difference between the New iPad (3rd gen) and iPad 4?

Not┬ádiscernibly, that I can see so far (apart from the Thunderchicken port that is). There may well be a huge under the hood chip update but so far ArtRage (the go to hit the processor hard app I like to paint with) isn’t showing any huge sign of speed update and so on. In fact the only main change I’ve seen is a negative – while updating apps the app store list was glitching like mad, screen tearing all sorts. Unexpected.

The industrial design is sublime, as ever. I’ve spoken before about my love for Sir Jony Ive so shan’t witter on again but: best of British? He is.

Anyway, one of the apps I’ve come to play on a little more is SketchTime by Hansol Huh. Lovely app (as are his others). Lots of fun to play on so a morning of happy painting became this:

Hope you like.

More to come about Barbican etc. Updates ahoy when time allows…