Worst day ever. So far.

So, Tuesday then.

Woke up with no idea of the day ahead. Father ill, lost data at work, back to back to back classes with no break and, just when I was at my most dog tired with the iPads not doing what they were supposed to at work, an impromptu lesson observation which deemed me inadequate because, and I’m still fuming, I forgot to read out the success criteria at the end. Juggled 16 students in a room fit for 15? Check. Looked after one autistic and two Asperger students? Double check. All students on time, happy, did the artwork needed? Check and so on. Forgot to read from the list on the board? In a room with no ventilation? Having had no time off between 10 and 5? HOW DARE HE!

Sigh. Thanks Ofsted lesson criteria. Forgot to read from a list = downfall of education system.

Also. This was my last picture on the Galaxy Notes before I had to give them back to Samsung. I pressed import on the FLip camera, but, for some bizarre reason it didn’t save to disc. Sigh again. Hence low quality – it’s the clip preview, rather than the film itself.

Am feeling a little low, truth be told. These feelings often pass, after a short while, but this one has stayed for a couple more days than often does. Partially it’s a feeling of artistic inadequacy… I do a picture, send it out and, generally it hits a small audience, withers and dies. Basically I’m doing ‘it’ wrong but, at the moment no idea what it is nor how to do it right. I just sit and draw and hope that the picture will step out more than the last and then, when it doesn’t, repeat the process with a little less energy than the last time.

Oh well. It’s, at least, always fun to draw. Maybe one day something I do will hit more eyeballs. As it is I may as well carry on until a better plan comes to mind or I retire with as much grace as I can muster.

Yes, I  know, whinge moan whinge moan 🙂

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  1. Not sure what to say, but wanted to put a comment so you knew people were hearing and were realising that the system has gone mad.

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