Comic art on Samsung Galaxy.

Click me for larger version.

A number of years ago, when I was around 10, I loved comics, mainly for the artwork.

Then, around the mid 80s I gave up. Mainly due to shoulder pad excess, blank white eyeballs, cloaks that went on for miles and all sorts of other sillinesses. Comics had, (it seemed to me) at the hands of the biggest players (mainly the artists again), jumped the shark. Comics, at their finest, could show us worlds and emotions at the hands of craftsmen. At their worst they were the same story with cookie cutter bodies that only the hair and the colour of spandex showed you who was who.

Ironically it was the Image beginnings that started my drift away from comics. Flash, style, art that did little for me, all of it summed up the 80’s gaudiness and lack of character. That’s odd because the Image of now is full of the most amazing comics and stories and art: Chew and Invincible and Walking Dead and Saga and so much more show a company that’s really do some amazing things with a drawn page of story. Chew 27 – 30 (whilst a hard and harrowing read at times) is an excellent example of storytelling and creativity, Invincible continues to amaze, month in and month out).

And then the tablets fell into my hand and then… Well, I dont remember. Either iFanboys fabulous podcast encouraged me to try to find comics again or Comixologies excellent app encouraged me to start spending a little bit too much money on a weekly basis. Which came first? Well, that is a fight unfinished. So far.

I am HUGELY grateful to both that they did draw me back into comics though. I’d missed the sequential artistry of the comic book artists and to be reminded of page upon page of not only comics from the age when I happily read and re-read each monthly episode to the new artists who shine in each panel is a fabulous walk for my brain to take, each Wednesday when Comixology is updated and each Sunday when the iFanboy podcast is uploaded. Always a joy, both sides of the coin.

The picture was drawn over two days/5 or so hours on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 which, at times struggled but is a lovely machine. Excellent form factor and screen ratio. Day  1 was an hour in a Wetherspoon’s pub in Guildford, which I do like drawing in I must admit 🙂

App: Photoshop Touch. Like that loads, the more I use it the more I like it. ((Hoping it sees more brush types in a future update though)). Stylus = my very much liked Nomad Compose (short hair) with a couple of short hits of a Pogo Sketch Pro which I find suits the Galaxy very well. Added a frisson of Snapseed editing just before upload too.

Incidentally it’s also my birthday. Yay me.