My 200th Youtube video…re-introducing Mr Nick Thatcher.

I’ve done it before ( and I’ll do it again but the 200th vid I uploaded to Youtube wasn’t anything to do with my humble (read: humiliated) doodles but the work of the hugely inspiring Mr Nick Thatcher of Thatch Industries.

Have a look-see. He’s made a number of objects and the two in this video (a 2 wheeled NoWay Segway style transport) and a 1 wheeled ‘Raptor’ were tremendous fun to drive, made only by himself and cost about £400 each. Astoundingly good stuff.

Also: very sad to see the troubles affecting (not to mention the vultures circling) HMV. (To be honest I’d far rather read of troubles affecting Deloitte than any shop they pick apart with their pound of flesh coming first on the list). So it seemed like a good time to go into the store and doodle bomb a machine (as well as buy a couple of bits and bobs, presents for later that sort of thing).

(Drawn on iPad 4 using Paper app, Nomad brush and Pogo Sketch Pro).