Exciting times…

OK so this month has become VERY interesting and chaotic and lovely and all sorts.

So, briefly, as I’ve got loads to do…

Last Sunday I was a guest on the Media Show┬ádespite the best efforts of Skype across three formats to keep me off it. Had a load of fun (as I always do as a listener) and hopefully will join them again in the not too distant future (certainly there were no ‘NEVER AGAIN’ tweets from the hosts of the show ­čÖé We chatted sad stories of corporate death and administrator greed, I took the time to express my middle of the road opinions on (Z)ack Snyder and it was a lovely couple of hours to do. Hopefully some of the fun comes out on the podcast.

On Feb 2nd I’m speaking at BETTshow – the educational technology showcase event at London ExCeL for an hour on iPad art, apps, styli and so forth. Should be a lot of fun, there’s a lot that’ll be packed in. It’s free, should you want to come and join me. I’m aiming to blog in the next couple of days more details about what I’ll be speaking about but it will be split into apps, styli and devices with the best 5 of each (for education needs) being the focus.

On Jan 30th I’m the guest of Microsoft and their launch of Office 2013. I’m going to be live painting the event from 9 – 3 in a couple of VERY cool locations. More on that to come.

On Feb 20th I’m doing a (very nearly) sold out children’s arts and literature festival. Which should be lovely, it was ace last year and I’ve got a few new tricks up my sleeve for this one.

On the 23rd there’s another day at the Family festival doing some impromptu and open to all digital art.

There might very well be one more family festival on the cards for that week also. Just confirming booking now.

Possibly doing something with another major technology firm in the next couple of weeks as well. And in March I’ve been booked to do a day long drawing session for a major charity. All sorts of busy.

Oooh exciting times. Can’t believe that at one point I was worried about what this year would bring. So far it’s been a roller coaster of busyness (including the lovely chance to write iPad art tutorials for iCreate magazine thrown in for good measure).

I also did this video which I may come to regret… But while it’s up and I’m not horrifically embarrassed this is me talking about an Olloclip and an AstroMedia macro lens…