The Flight of the Frog and Flamingo.

Painted on Surface using Fresh Paint app.

I’ve surprised myself by REALLY liking the Surface (the OS is just a very futuristic feeling system and I love the physical design of the tablet and keyboard) and Fresh Paint is a fabulous app (although slightly better on desktop Win 8 as there are a few tools missing on the RT version that I could do with…)

For a version one product both FP and Surface are impressive things… Am looking forward to Surface Pro far more than I thought I might be before Christmas.

As for the characters and the picture? They’re based on the Graphics class mascots:

the Stylus Frog and the Yodelling Flamingo of Shame (given to the student who has done the silliest thing through the week and always given with a cheer from all of the students). It’s a mark of affection and all students are keen to┬áreceive┬áit week on week.

They’re hoping to go out on an adventure in April. Still tying up the ends of the loose threads but… 80/20% likely to happen and, if it does, it’ll be a hugely exciting adventure for them (and me) (and the students).