Stylus T Frog and Phil the Flimgo. Getting ready for April 1st, honest.

So much to say but shan’t. Don’t want to spook it. Cautiously optimistic of dream project coming together. Several dream projects in fact, but… but…. nervously optimistic.

Stylus T. Frog you know of course but Phil the Flimgo (sic)? You may not have met her.

Basically I am not your average teacher. Not at all. Every Tuesday in graphics class we have WTF to close – Who Th’ Flamingo – where one student is given the yodelling flamingo of shame for doing something silly. Or something brilliant. Or… well… anything really. Someone’s had it for breaking their wrist during deadline week – ‘WTF for exceptionally poor timing, Phil says get better soon’ – and another student had it for ‘casual overuse of internetisms during normal conversation. Phil does not say ROFL out loud’. It’s a positive thing – we have an exceptionally close class at the moment which is something I take a lot of pride and happiness in. More on that to come I suspect but the two graphics classes of 12-13 have been awe inspiring at times.

Which leads me to this; the two mascots on, we very much hope, a road trip on April 1 – 7. It’s the holidays, which is not good, but it’s also a chance to do something exceptionally amazing which the kids are very engaged with the possibility of and so am I.

I’ll know, I hope, soon. If so it’ll be all hands to the grind stones of chaos and aarggh. But I’ll be disappointed if it falls through much more than I’m worried about the workload required.

So: Stylus T. and Phil the Flimgo. Painted on MS Surface RT and Fresh Paint. Hope you like. More to come.

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