And so it begins: a hectic five weeks ahead…

March is going to be a beautifully hectic month for me… for a start, and least of all, I’m being lesson observed over all of my classes. Which I don’t mean to say is least in any other way that the things I am marked on are not always the things that are most important, just the things a committee think that are deal breakers. You have to read certain things out at certain times and all sorts of silliness. A necessary foolishness then, which is part and parcel of the process, sadly.

In a couple of weeks time I’m doing art sessions for a National Deaf Children’s Society retreat which I’m very much looking forward to. Then I’m doing another art day for Microsoft. And then, and at all moments around, I’m planning for something in April which I think I’m on the cusp of being able to announce….

All exciting, terrifying, beautiful and busy stuff. Just how I like it although I’d prefer it to be spaced over a few months instead of a few short weeks 🙂


I will need people’s help with something which is the culmination of a number of hopes and dreams; a massively multi-player piece of collaborative artwork. Details to come very soon but I will need people to draw me a window, a door, an object you might see around the outside of a house (gargoyle, postbox, lamp post etc) and a brick with your first name in. Ideally I’d love to get some of the people who make me smile with some inherent excellence but I want as many as possible. Details to come but couldn’t be more excited about where this month (and the first week or the next) is going…

Also: happy 17th birthday to my excellent daughter and 84th birthday to my excellent father. Has been a very busy weekend 🙂