Paris! Holiday photos with an ‘appy spin.

A few weeks ago I travelled to Paris with my lovely wife and managed to take a few pictures while there. Had gone with the intention of being as screen-less as possible and just do as much talking as we could manage because this was our first escape without kids for a long old time.

That said, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos around the place and, true to form, they’re odd and weird pictures 🙂 Apps and cameras do go together particularly well sometimes…

 Flea market book stall.

View from Montparnasse tower.

The Eiffel Tower at night, in the rain.

And the obligatory ‘yum’ picture.

All pictures taken on an iPhone 4S (yes, I would love a 5S but not just yet… 🙁 ) The top three pictures (and the two below) using Autostitch app which I love a significant amount.

…and my two favourites below – the sad and the slightly happier Giraffe. Basically an Autostitch of a number of pictures including a couple of Autostitch results. I could almost hear the iPhone crying as I asked it to process the resulting images.

The Eiffel Tower was a marvel at night, beautifully lit, imposing and majestic whereas earlier when we had seen it on a cold grey rainy morning it has seemed small and unimportant. It did allow me to take a couple of pictures amongst the raindrops but the Giraffe’s remain my favourite of the weekend.

 iPhone 4S and Boinx You Gotta See This app.

Back to Autostitch.

Anyway, since the last time I was in Paris was for the Hockney Fresh Flowers exhibition and I had enjoyed everything of the day except Paris itself it was a lovely, and much needed, break in a city that revealed itself to be as wonderful and charming as I had hoped it would be. Would love to return, not for a while though… But as an Anniversary present to ourselves it was an absolute corker 🙂