Dell Solutions tour, London.

Latest in the lovely series of places that I get to draw in has been the Dell Solutions tour who invited me up to draw on the tablets that will be released between late November and early December… (the fact that my tablet art class are getting itchy fingers for new hardware is also possible an interest to them, but I think my budget’s well shot for this year as we’ve had to expand the class again and subsequently buy new hardware).

But I was asked to join in, and it was on my day off, so it seemed like an interesting place to be… The venue being Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC. I’m partial to a bit of football, although don’t have any team allegiance really, but I liked the idea of seeing the stadium.

Anyway I was impressed, both by the stadium and by all of the four machines I got to draw on. One machine (the Venue) was a corker. Handled every stylus I threw at it. The only negative was that the machines were set up with no art software bar Paint so I didn’t get to play with Fresh Paint on the screens 🙁 But, again, another meeting sorted out for the class and I to play with a couple more screens and screen sizes.

Started out a very nice day, weather wise. Started raining shortly after which has kept going for four days solid now 🙂

The journey was slow, hot, sweaty and from one packed train to another. The coffee was needed as soon as I arrived and signed in. Painted on (as are the Frog and abstract face) MS Paint app as it was the only thing installed… Using a variety of styli (Dagi, Nomad, New Trent, three or four cheap ebay jobs, Plai eStylo and Pogo).

(drawn by request 🙂 )

Yes. I know, two from a competing platform… It was just what I had in my bag at the time and my Surface was completely out of juice 🙁 Would have happily drawn the sessions (Intel on Ideas and Microsoft on Procreate) on a Dell tablet but they all seemed to be chained to tables and I couldn’t find anyone to rescue one for me to play with 🙂

This was my favourite machine… A Venue (?) but didn’t get the model number. Due for release at the end of Nov I think they said and ran Win 8.1 more than happily.

((A brief aside – if you want to know the most about a machine you should always give it to an artist. I don’t think I can think of anyone who pushed the processor, screen, software and hardware as much. From quick zooming to a range of input devices to constant screen interaction I think screen painters find the nooks and crannies of tablets and touch screen devices quicker than anyone else…))

And then I had to dash off… (before lunch even!! 🙁 ) Had to be back for the school bus so had to leave but, as I was doing so, I realised I’d not taken any pictures of the stadium so that turned into this:

And my personal favourite:

… because (at the risk of being boring) I like software that gives you the possibility to break a panorama as well as take it… Architecture that has a lot of related paths and repeated themes often gives the best results (for example here and here also…) Will try and get to stadiums in the future I think… Was a lot of fun to snap. As was the day, thanks Dell 🙂