Daily Archives: 21 October, 2013

Drawing on a Samsung Galaxy S4…

Latest in the list of different machines I’ve drawn on this week comes the Galaxy S4.
I like it a lot, as a machine, although to be honest Samsung hardware is so tied into the brilliance of the S-Pen that if a device doesn’t have it I find it’s missing a big something… Which is a shame as it’s a good phone in its own right.


Had a … hmm… day at work. A Monday. One of those Mondays. A complete and utter Monday in fact. So I stopped at the end of the classes I was teaching, ripped through the registers and emails I needed to send as quick as I could and drew this on Autodesk Sketchbook Pro with no stylus for a change 🙂 Not that that was a conscious choice, I just couldn’t be bothered to get one out of my bag.

The pic wasn’t a conscious choice either, I just took a line for a walk and choose which colour looked suitable at the time.