Daily Archives: 9 November, 2013

ArtRage on iPhone. A little bit about mobile digital art…

I’m lucky enough to be able to pick between screens to draw on… Between my workplace or home I can pick up a Samsung Galaxy S4 or an iPad, an iPhone or Surface Pro, Lenovo YogaNintendo 3DS, Wii U, Tesco Hudl or stand up against an Interactive White Board. Occasionally I nab an HTC One or an iPad (<<pic) Air (<<vid) if either of my friends who own them put them down and don’t tell me not to draw something…

As I said – phenomenally blessed and lucky.

But it all started for me, mobile screen wise, on an iPod Touch. On Brushes app V1 (which, at the time, had no layers but was still there in terms of UI, power and usability) so, despite the fact I’ve got a range of sizes of screens to put a stylus to, the iPhone always makes me smile to pick up* (although now I use it far more often as a photographic device rather than an image making one…)

So I drew this in a coffee break for a friend because I wanted to say thanks for the smiles she’d helped bring about in the week (because while I’m very blessed and lucky it’s definitely been one of ‘those’ years as well…)

Three versions which show the picture at various stages on a day – painted with no stylus (as I don’t on a phone screen) – created in less than 15 mins over a coffee, with another 30 minutes work (my lunch break doodle time and, yes, over another coffee) and then with another half hour added after.



So, just under an hour and a half in total. Probably took me longer to log onto the works IT infrastructure in order for me to be able to email it to Flickr and text it to my friend** The question I keep coming up against in my own mind is whether doing pictures so quickly is a good or bad thing? Good in ways, obviously, as it allowed me to do a personal image to say thank you fairly speedily, but I’ve also found myself out of the habit of actually sitting to do a picture over any space of time as well as looking with sombre jealousy at the works of friends who do amazing pieces of artwork. Hmm… Rhetorical question really, just interested. Am questioning loads in my mind, sadly often at 4am, and whether the pics I do benefit from the way I do them is often on the list of questions asked.

Anyhow, onwards. ‘Cos that’s what I do at the moment.

*Which is not to say that I don’t REALLY want to play with the camera and Fresh Paint on a Nokia phone. But that’s nowhere near a ‘yet’ purchase for me… Which is also a question and dilemma… Should I just stick to a particular screen or app? No. I don’t think so. I like all of them and the variety they offer. Fresh Paint and ArtRage are both excellent – both offering powerful and amazing toolsets to digital artists but with a different audience in mind.

**Only just an exaggeration.