On Styli…

((Once upon a time I used to witter on ad nauseum about writing and the books I was doing… Oh how time changes eh?))

I’ve been on a little bit of a stylus kick at the moment, mainly prompted by the loss of a pencil case full of my go-to screen sticks. Was gutted at the time but a: it forced me to return to many I’d used and then discarded in favour of others and b: the marvellous Susan Murtaugh sent me a package of styli to tide me over in my upset grumpiness. Was much appreciated and a very timely reminder that I’m lucky to know some marvellously wonderful people both on and off screen.

So I’ve gone back to the New Trent stylus, the Stylus Sock (which I never left but lost my favourite one), the Bic Crystal Stylus, the Pogo Sketch Pro, the Jot Pro and so on. All excellent styli and good for a variety of roles. I’ve also had some playtime with a Wacom Creative stylus which I was surprised to like as much as I did… And I bought some brush tip nibs for the Pogo Connect which are… interesting. Require more playtime in this case I think.

Yesterday that tied in nicely in two ways with one of the inspiring people I know – the very amazing Nick Thatcher – making me my very own white oak and aluminium stylus as an early birthday present. It’s very cool – light, a warm material in the wooden base which, because it had been sanded with zinc oxide sandpaper and immediately varnished, was also a capacitive conductor. While chatting about it, and drawing the picture below, he also asked me if I had a stylus of a particular make which was the next thing he planned to do. To the best of my knowledge it’s not been made at all and would be fairly unique so I’m interested in what he comes up with. Not that the stylus he made isn’t fabulous, but hey, every new one is new and shiny 🙂


Thatch stylus drawn on Galaxy S4/Autodesk Sketchbook Pro using Thatch stylus 🙂