Camera Comparison. Sort of…

Through a process of slowness and inertia I found myself swapping from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy S4 over Christmas.

For the most part it’s a very nice phone but, to be honest, a Samsung phone without an S Pen feels a little lacking to me. Also the Android app store, while full to bursting, doesn’t really have many of the apps I want (trying to find a podcast catcher app as good as Downcast is proving particularly painful).

So over Christmas I picked up a Nokia  Lumia 520, primarily to play with Fresh Paint.

But I’ve also been interested to see the camera comparison between the two (and an iPhone 3GS which I’m using now, see above Downcast rationale).

First up the Lumia, then the Samsung, then the iPhone 3GS:

Not really much to say, over and above that I still miss the 4S’ camera but that’s mainly for Autostitch and the ease of image to app and out again.