From the ridiculous to the even more so…

Less than an hour after I was drawing on a huge multi-screen setup made by HP, which, I was told, would cost a significant chunk of change to buy into my college, I was on a tube drawing on an iPhone 3GS with a Dagi stylus and Autodesk Sketchbook app. The phone still does brilliantly, despite its age, but only managed one layer at the screen resolution I set it to (reminding me of the good old Brushes app v1 days when one layer was all you got.

Anyhow, made me smile to go from one screen extreme to another.

The plastic stick has a happy story attached to it as well, but I’ll explain why in a later post when I upload the video of me drawing on the uber screen. I did draw it this morning on a the IWB in the classroom I was in before the class started.

Because, you know, screen art and all that.