BETT 2014: drawing on an HP interactive wall.

Last week, Weds – Sat, was BETT 2014 at London Excel and I was there with a clutch of students creating digital art on the Steljes stand. Which was lovely and Steljes are a very fab company to work with.

At the points that I wasn’t on the Steljes stand I chilled out and relaxed by drawing on other companies tablets and computers and the one I had my eye on most was a beautiful wall of six touchscreens on the HP stand. After a certain amount of daily cajoling and begging they were kind enough to allow me to have a 15 minute play and this is what I came up with.

Why a Marmite jar? Well, it’s a Great British icon and something I never tire of drawing. My mind, 3.5 x 16 hour days in and 35 miles walked, was a bit squishy so that’s what I decided to fall back on. Basically: if in doubt, draw Marmite.