Google Glass.

As a screen painter I’ve been interested in, but not to the extent of chasing relentlessly, Google Glass.Fairly obviously the screen, well, the upper right hand prism, isn’t something I could put a Nomad brush or Jot Script stylus to, hence the lack of trying to jump on any chance to try. But the idea and concept of wearable computers is enticing and, lets be honest, pretty inevitable. The history of computers is always that they have become smaller and closer to us. Eventually they’ll be inside us I dare say but between tablets and phones and nanobots comes wearable tech.

At BETT I was lucky enough to have a demo of Google Glass. I’m interested in it from a sideways angle: I want to draw a picture on a tablet or Interactive Whiteboard and see it from the point of view of me drawing it (but not at the time of me drawing it). I love seeing process animations of my pictures come to be, especially if the animation is from the point of view of the screen (with no me spoiling the shot).

I’d hoped with Glass that I could record, and forget I was recording, an image being drawn. The problem was that I was only able to draw on a tablet and my eyes and head moved in such small/subtle directions that the Glass only picked up a picture being drawn with no hint of where I’d been looking or how I’d been moving.

I’d very much love to have a go on Glass while drawing on an IWB in the future though, that presumably would show me more of how I move when I’m drawing but, I’ve no idea when such a lucky collision of tech will occur. One day I hope.

And the picture above? Well, wifey, who’s not even remotely interested in tech (but does fab craft stuff instead) assumed that this was what Google Glass looked like. I showed her a picture of me wearing Glass and, to be honest, that’s as much an airing as that pics going to get.