Which reminds me…

Wrote this on my Flickr (I may have become verbally carried away) and intended to blog it up so here it am:I decided to have a therapeutic draw in my local PC World (and, in fact, they’re so used to me coming in that staff tell me when new machines are in, what I should draw on next etc) and, unusually, I thought I’d have a go on an iPad mini (retina).

[Unusually because I have an iPad (although not a mini) and I’m happy enough with my Hudl for that screen size. ]

The thing which inspired me to have a try was the fact that a friend had bought an iPad mini retina and wanted to try out my collection of styli to find the right one (which is the right way of doing it, rather than the way I do it which is to buy them all). We found that many just didn’t connect to the screen at all, or with such a poor connection that they were taken off the list of possibles very quickly.

This machine was different – although similar in ways. A few styli didn’t connect (but that’s not 100% unusual, the Jot Pro doesn’t connect to a few machines especially the Lenovo’s for example). And of course each machine does have one styli out of the bunch that works better than most (more often than not the Stylus Sock but I’ve had a lot of luck with the Jot Script too recently).

This time each stylus registered for a brief split second, then paused, then worked. Which I’d be less surprised by if I’d only been using a bluetooth stylus but in this case I wasn’t.

Odd. And in many ways it puts me off a Mini, but does make me want to test out more MIni R’s to see if this is a replicated thing and, if so, which thing (non-connection or paused connection) is the replicated instance.

To the science mobile! When time allows…