Love shed and Foldify app.

Valentine’s day consisted of taking the youth group kid to see other youth group kids performing in a school performance of Little Shop of Horrors. And excellent fun it was too 🙂

So the night before wifey and I had a very nice dinner indeed at a restaurant we both like and swapped cards. Hers was typically cute, mine was the above, made into a 3d object and containing a Walnut Whip.

I made it in Foldify app, which I like LOADS and should play with more often. It’s a clever app (although it struggles a little on my iPad 3… I should run it on my iPad 2 to see, although that’s not a fair test as so much of the 3’s processing power is geared up to running the retina screen).

Regardless. A cool app. Occasionally, before I had iPads to call my own at college, I would let some of my students have a go on mine so I often find pictures they’ve created dotted around the apps. This one is of me and (I think) it looks a little shocking, or is that just me?