Daily Archives: 1 March, 2014

Double woo hoo.

Two of my favourite people share a birthday today. My daughter is the grand old age of 18 and my dad is the slightly grander old age of ((number redacted 🙂 ))

So I drew a card. Although, that said, I always draw a card for their birthdays (although Rosie’s drawn card comes next week at her party. Wifey organised the card for today as she found one that was too perfect not to be bought).

Anyhow, when I draw a card I nearly always reach for the watercolour pencils, which I love using. Here’s a bit of a picture progress report on how it started through to completion.

(initial sketch).

(loose pencils).

(watercolour pencil).

(watercolour pencil and wash).

(final pic with Pentel brush pen on top).

It would take way too long to explain the in-joke, but the card went down well, and everyone had a lovely day.


Mac and Forth episode 008.

I’m a big podcast listener (it’s pretty much taken over from radio and music for me) and, on Downcast app, you’ll find This Week in Tech, British Mac, The Big Show, Kermode and Mayo, One Life Left, Ihnatko’s Almanac, This American Life and much more, all waiting for their weekly listen, more often than not as I walk into work. For a while I timed my days by which podcast I was listening to but I’m a bit more chilled out about what gets listened to when now.

A new addition to the list is Mac and Forth, which I like a lot. It’s an irreverent take on the weekly Apple news and a good fun hour of people chatting to each other, getting sidetracked and ending up talking about important topics such as what would be the boiling point of an iKettle.

This week I had a quiet few days (#sarcasm) and part of that was Google+ing into the show prior to drawing the cover artwork in the hour that followed the recording. You can listen to the show here if you want, hope you like.

More on the week to come: Thursday and Friday were fabulous and wonderful, but that’s a longer post to come and I’m getting back to tidying the house for the family party for the 18 year old daughter 🙂