Daily Archives: 4 March, 2014

Coffee and screen (2): HTC One.

The college I teach at has a new Fine Art teacher and she and I are having a very jolly time chatting about ways in which the two courses can collaborate and share ideas and projects. All good fun.

Todays five minute meting was about stats and figures and targets and far less fun stuff and while we went through a number of mathematical procedures that are there to help stop teachers teaching I also doodled on a students HTC One.

(Starbucks and HTC).

Only a quick scribble, but made me smile and I like the HTC One as a screen to draw on a great deal.

Coffee and screens: painting on a Dell Venture Pro 11.

Yesterday started in the normal Monday fashion – loads of work and hitting the ground running… Monday and Wednesday are 3d at the moment – basic environments to one year and basic modelling to the other. I wanted to show the students vertex displacement using a procedurally generated image and then a hand drawn texture map and somehow this happened. Which they said I should blog. So I have.

That was followed by the borrowing of a Dell Venture Pro 11 Win 8 tablet from the College’s IT dept with the promise to return it the following morning. That gave me the time to draw this:

(Romantic zombie ‘Jugular, Jugular, Wherefore art thou?’ Fresh Paint plus a range of styli).

Followed by this:

(The United Nations of Finger Painters: Fresh Paint plus a range of styli).

…and then , after an acceptable nights sleep:

(Mornin’ Drawin’. Mainly drawn in the oil pastels mode as I realised I’d barely used it up until now…)

Followed by this:

All in all? I liked the tablet a lot, and certainly like Win 8 on a touch screen tablet and VERY MUCH like Fresh Paint as an art app. It’s a little slice of joy to play with and always makes me smile to click on the happy yellow and red icon.