Daily Archives: 11 March, 2014

Unexpected of Aldershot.

In amongst all of the busyness of this week I took my dad to a dentist, expecting to find a pair of fixed dentures and that was pretty much it. I’d already been prepped for the fact that it was a fascinating interior inside a converted church… But the windows above were the star for me.

For a start, I love geometric repetition in architecture. For a second I flippin’ love Autostitch app.

For a third thing I especially love it when point a collides with point b and breaks the stitch.

Hence the windows above become the pictures below. All stitched panoramas of the windows above (and the surrounding walls)…

And my personal favourite, because if you squint it looks a bit like Ghost Rider, is this one:

Digital life drawing.

I’ve long been a fan of life drawing to sharpen up/improve skills and, well, just be an enjoyable acid test of drawing skills. A new session has started up near me once a week and, although I won’t be able to get to it quite that often, I should be able to get in some regular drawing and painting practise, which is very nice.

Last night was the first one, and I was sort of on duty as one of my autistic students was there and I felt I should keep and eye on his progress/mood as it was his first life drawing of any kind. However my iPad and Hudl were both kept fairly busy (although tbh most of the pictures didn’t really go the way I’d intended or hoped for). More practise to come, much needed…

Drawn on Hudl and iPad using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage apps using, mainly, Jot Script, Nomad Compose, Nomad Mini 2 and Pogo Sketch Pro. More on the Flickr feed. The first picture I’ve got an animation of, just not the energy to edit it at all, but will edit that in later anyhoo.

Why the colours? Well, the theme of the night was to try and implement some pop art techniques, especially with Natasha Law in mind, which I tried…

Forgot about this one 🙂

Hudl, ArtFlow app and Nomad Compose brush, Jot Script stylus.

Plus, in case you don’t notice it in the other post, here’s the process video of the top image, created by pressing the time lapse record in Sketchbook Pro (iPad version).


(which won’t embed. Grr).