This Android picture…

This picture:

…was drawn on an HTC One M8 using a Plai eStylo and the very fab Autodesk Sketchbook app. This is unusual for two/three reasons; One: I now have a phone which is top of the range, which is nice (and spectacularly unusual for me – normally I rely on the phone one or two gens behind and only if I can get it for a cheap second hand price – part time teaching not making me rich beyond my wildest dreams) and Two: the eStylo works with barely anything… As I’ve mentioned before the HTC is the screen which, still, takes more styli than any other so I’m really looking forward to drawing on it more… The third possible reason is that I’ve just reviewed Sketchbook for a well known Mac magazine which is nice.

This picture:

…was drawn on a Samsung Note 3 using ArtRage app which has recently been released for Samsung tablets (partially because of their excellent integration with the S Pens). All good stuff – ArtRage is one of my favourite art apps out there.

This picture:

…was drawn on a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet using ArtRage again.

… and of course you all know I love my Hudls, right?


Wacom Fineline stylus (my current favourite) drawn on Didlr app on a Hudl 2. Thoroughly enjoying the Fineline – I also drew it on the iPad the other day (still in ArtRage).

Not by purpose but I do seem to be on a bit more of an Android kick at the moment. ArtRage is a phenomenal app and I’m delighted to see it on a larger range of machines 🙂 (that’s not to say that I’m not enjoying drawing on Surface tablets and the brief dalliances I’ve had with the iPad Air 2… And I really want to draw on the Nexus 9… And the HP Sprout as well, come to that). But the HTC One M8 is an excellent phone to draw on and I’m looking forward to spending time with the Samsung Note 3, 10.1 and Pro over the next week.

More, on the Android/ArtRage side of things to come. Exciting things happening tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “This Android picture…

  1. Ive been looking at your pages and I’m really impressed. Ive recently purchased a Hudl2 and I would really like to start experimenting with some art packages.

    Any chance you would be kind enough to list all the styli you use with your Hudl2 and explain their characteristics?

    Cheers Mike

  2. Hey Mike,

    Sorry for the delay, busy times. The styli on Hudl 2 are a bit of a sore subject as most don’t work sadly.. I’m using a Maglus on it at the moment which does, and some rubber tips do and don’t. The Dagi and Jot styli work well with it too (but I find the Jot doesn’t work as long as I’d like and Ive misplaced my Dagi . A quick look at styli feel is that for the most par rubber drags and microfiber or plastic tip stroke. I prefer microfiber and plastic tip. Hope helps. But yes I need to do a Youtube vide or updated blog post on the subject soon.


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