Monthly Archives: December 2014

‘Appy Christmas.

(Fresh Tree. Surface Pro 3, ArtRage).

Blimey this year has been very busy indeed. From Eurogamer to Shake Shack, BETT to Teentech there’s been a lot of events, artwork, students and all sorts. It’s been fun at times and sad at other times… But it’s certainly been a hugely memorable year for me for many reasons.

Christmas I’m WAY behind on though. Presents are mostly sorted but the cards are a little trickier and, as ever, I’ve come to a couple of days before Christmas and neither sent nor written any.

I have drawn some, although I’ve not drawn pictures in the ongoing series that I like to follow through the years, but I have draw a few Christmas cards on a range of devices which you can see here:

(Mistletoad. Sony Xperia Z3, Notes app).

(Rud[e]olph. Apple iPad Mini. Penultimate app).

(Christmas Tea. Samsung Galaxy Note 4).

(Happy Humbug 1. iPhone 6+, Harmony web app).

(Happy Humbug 2. iPad Air 2, Paper by 53 app).

(And show me the list where children don’t ask for iPhones? Apple iPad Air 2, Talkboard app).

… and so on. Draw on a range of tablets and phones in a range of shops using a range of apps. But all equally late. Oops.

If you’re a mate or loved one and this is the closest you’re getting to a Christmas card from me this year  sorry. It’s in my diary to start these things much earlier next year.

Regardless – to everyone reading this I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. Here’s to 2015 which I’m personally quite excited about already and hope treats all of us well…

(Snail Mail. Surface Pro 3, ArtRage).

The Thatch Bug.

I’ve mentioned Mr Nick Thatcher before. If the two of use make an occasional double act then I’m definitely the Watson to his Holmes as he, far more than I, is a bit of a genius.

A couple of weeks ago I booked two tickets to an HTC gathering (more on which later) and Nick and I had one of our occasional meet ups to discuss plans. I said I’d love a snap on clip for my trusty new One M8 and he said he’d see what he could do, as long as I was aware that he’d be out of action for one of the weeks we had before the day with work in Amsterdam.

As it was he made this… A very cool 3d printed shield and lens system for the phone:

((ahem. I’ll tell you what it looks like later 🙂 )).

In fact he made four of them…

((also more of which later)).

It allowed me to take pictures like this:

…on the train going to the venue and these pics:

…in the venue. Lovely stuff. We gave away the hair band lenses (and I hope we see some very cool images form them in the future) and I’ve got the shield clip lens so that I can play with it some more over Christmas.

The plan is, possibly, to make a limited run for sale in the new year. We’ll see, but certainly the vibe was pretty strong on the night…

But again, here’s to Nick, who makes these cool things happen even when he has a bucket load of other things to be doing… You can catch up with his awesome inventions here. If next year pans out the way I think it might remember you (possibly) heard it here first…

Fabulous (and long) week…

It’s been a week… On Monday I reached the grand old age of 44:

On Tuesday a friend of mine and I put the finishing touch to a lovely extra camera lens to my trusty HTC One:

On Weds I did one of my last two residency days at Shake Shack in Covent Garden:

… and I ran the fourth of five tablet art sessions at the Ben Uri gallery. Much fun that is, pictures to come…

On Thursday it was a fabulous night at the HTCMeetup in London:

Where I did a smidge of drawing on One, Desire Eye and Nexus 9:

(photo courtesy of @TheChicGeekBiz).

… and I test drove the Thatch Bug camera lens by the very excellent Mr Nick Thatcher:

…and on Friday I went to see the Hobbit with a very lovely old mate who I’ve seen all six films with on release day…

More blather to come but basically? Today has been, deservedly, a bit of a rest day…