‘Appy Christmas.

(Fresh Tree. Surface Pro 3, ArtRage).

Blimey this year has been very busy indeed. From Eurogamer to Shake Shack, BETT to Teentech there’s been a lot of events, artwork, students and all sorts. It’s been fun at times and sad at other times… But it’s certainly been a hugely memorable year for me for many reasons.

Christmas I’m WAY behind on though. Presents are mostly sorted but the cards are a little trickier and, as ever, I’ve come to a couple of days before Christmas and neither sent nor written any.

I have drawn some, although I’ve not drawn pictures in the ongoing series that I like to follow through the years, but I have draw a few Christmas cards on a range of devices which you can see here:

(Mistletoad. Sony Xperia Z3, Notes app).

(Rud[e]olph. Apple iPad Mini. Penultimate app).

(Christmas Tea. Samsung Galaxy Note 4).

(Happy Humbug 1. iPhone 6+, Harmony web app).

(Happy Humbug 2. iPad Air 2, Paper by 53 app).

(And show me the list where children don’t ask for iPhones? Apple iPad Air 2, Talkboard app).

… and so on. Draw on a range of tablets and phones in a range of shops using a range of apps. But all equally late. Oops.

If you’re a mate or loved one and this is the closest you’re getting to a Christmas card from me this year  sorry. It’s in my diary to start these things much earlier next year.

Regardless – to everyone reading this I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. Here’s to 2015 which I’m personally quite excited about already and hope treats all of us well…

(Snail Mail. Surface Pro 3, ArtRage).