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Buyers guide: so you’ve bought/been given a tablet…?

For the past few years I’ve changed from being a desktop based computer artist to a mobile one. Tablets and phones have revolutionised the way I work and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some wonderful people and at some wonderful places as a result.

Because of this I’m often asked questions about which is the best art app/tablet/styli and that’s increased over the past couple of days (mainly on twitter) which I suspect is down to the amount of devices that are being bought or given. I’m always happy to chat about what I’ve found works well (or not) so, since I’ve been asked and typed the same things into Twitter and Facebook a few times here’s my FAQ for those who have art in mind and tablets to play with.


Apple Apps:

Art Rage and Art Studio both do an excellent job of transposing real world materials onto glass screen (although keep in mind that if you’re buying the apps for an artist used to real world materials the limitations might grate more than an app which doesn’t try to emulate traditional tools as much).

Brushes v2 is glorious, v3 (the current version on the app store) is not and is, at best, unfinished. I was told it would be updated in December but that didn’t happen. I do hope Taptrix manage to return it to the dominent position it once held.

Sketchtime, Noteshelf and Clibe all have good ‘pen tip’ aspects to them and, of course, Paper by 53 is an all conquering notebook app that out-moleskines a moley and is a deserved winner of an Apple app of the year award.

Eazel is quirky and odd, Sketchshare was excellent but has been (hopefully temporarily) removed from the app store. Procreate is very powerful and has (I think) the best pressure sensitive stylus support of the available apps. It also has a brilliantly powerful brush editor which reminds me of the similarly powerful (and previous Apple award winning) Pixelmator desktop app.

Foldify is a wonderful and genius art app. It gives you a papercraft net for you to draw on in a range of shapes and, in real time, you see your drawing transposed onto the 3d object. Fabulous stuff can’t wait to share it with the students.

Photography apps such as Boinx You Gotta See This, Autostitch Panorama, Elasticam, Snapseed, Picframe, Halftone and Incredibooth all make me happy. Generally the apps are not very expensive and the barrier for testing them out to see which works best for you is fairly low.

On both Android and iPad there is also Autodesk’s Sketchbook Mobile. It’s a fabulous app with… a quirky interface. Took me YONKS to get used to it but Sketchbook is a very good app to use on all three (including Win 8 here) platforms.

Which are my favourites? Brushes v2, Adobe Ideas, ArtRage with Procreate getting more and more use.

Android apps:

Slimmer pickings here I’m afraid and that which is there is a pig to find… Photoshop Touch is not anywhere near as feature rich as the desktop version but is still good fun to use (and the app I spend most of my time in on my trusty Galaxy Tab). Adobe Ideas is a fuller application with a lot to recommend it – I always describe it as the best set of felt tips you ever had. Both are available on iOS as well as Android – the main issue being that Ideas has been significantly updated on iOS and has languished on Android.

UPDATE (16/1/13): Adobe, late last year, announced that a number of touch apps would be discontinued on the Android platform. It’s hard to speculate why as the only information is that which Adobe is passing on but, basically it looks like the numbers weren’t there to continue developing – however whether this is user numbers of financial ones I can’t guess at. I don’t think (from having read prior interviews on the subject) that the teams on Touch apps are that large and the feature set  of the Touch apps is nowhere near as large as that of the desktop ones so the decision to stop developing it is a head scratcher. In a similar manner to the Photoshop and Illustrator suite of Adobe desktop tools Photoshop and Ideas were the Adobe 1-2 punch on tablet. To discontinue one on a major platform seems odd… I assume and hope it’s the precursor to a more integrated touch suite, maybe. That’s the optimist in me speaking. Then again it could say something less positive for the place of higher value art apps on Android as an OS.

Ironically I REALLY like Samsung’s S Note app for drawing on. The UI works well and it’s a joy to draw in and on. The gallery isn’t as good as it could be but it’s a fun app to draw in. For Android tablets without the S Note app Paintrala has the eact same feature set.

After that? Autodesk’s Sketchbook Mobile is very powerful yet saddled with a criminally clumsy UI, Watercolor Pencil is a very fun app to use, if it works on your tablet (not guaranteed, doesn’t on mine). Fresco Paint, My Paints, Masterpiece, Markers et al are all much of a muchness; good – ish on an Android tablet but indicative of the relative lack of treasures to discover.

I do like Infinite Painter and, to a lesser extent Infinite Design. Impression is OK (more a re-skinning of the Samsung note app with a very odd gallery system) and Paintrala is trying to do something interesting with crowd sourcing and evaluation artwork – an Instragram for doodlers.

And, of course Draw Something is, while not an excellent art app, excellent fun and I’ve come to fully enjoy the app and the way it’s changed my painting. (Note: Draw Something Pro is pretty much a waste of time and only adds a few cursory updates – more colours and bombs – rather than giving you anything useful such as a zoom tool, opacity, colour picker etc).

Which are my favourites? Photoshop and Ideas, Infinite Painter, S Note.


Trickier to explain, what’s good for me may not be good for you. I sort of like, but don’t love, the Alupen for example but know others who swear by them. The excellent Mia Robinson loves her Nomad Compose long hair brush whereas I far prefer the short hair version.

Some suggestions then:

A Nomad, Sensu or eKit paint brush will mimic the feel but not the pressure sensitivity and variable width of a brush. This may be something that puts off an artist even though it may seem, initially, the better choice. They are all lovely brushes and I fully enjoy using them.

A ‘fashion stylus’ search on eBay will give you a bonkers plastic tip stylus that I like a lot. Looks like a dental tooth pic and mimics the first generation of Dagi styli – worth a punt for a quid or two. It’s certainly a quirky conversation starter.

The Jot Pro and Dagi are both hard plastic disc meets mechanical pencil styli- Both give you more control and viewing angles on the screen but are very technical feeling in the hand. Also – they’re very noisy giving you a distinctive tip tip tap tip sound while drawing.

The fabric styli (Trent, Boxwave, Stylus Sock) are excellent fun and move in a friction free manner on the screen. The Stylus Sock Pro is by far my favourite of this type of stylus – cheap and available on

The Pogo Sketch Pro is a lovely, graceful feeling stylus with a very fragile tip. Needs to be treated well, always reminds me of a glass dip pen to use. A lovely object and a very nice stylus.

On the less graceful side; the Cosmonaut and Alupen are heavy and solid slices of stylus, very comforting to hold. The Nomad Play is a lovely paint brush for younger children to use and join in with. It’s made of wood, for the most part, which confuses me as to how they then make it conductive. Talking about wood the Plai eStylo 1.1 was a kickstarter that I backed but the one sent to me was either hopeless or defective. Regardless; it works terribly while feeling light and comforting.

Update 2: it appears I wasn’t the only one to be sent a defective eStylo with a recent Kickstarter update from the company receiving a less than warm response from the majority of the backers who replied. To be fair to them they said that they would send out replacements to the people who were mentioning the less than inspiring original version sent out but, on the flip side of my fairness, they’ve now said that to me three times and I’ve yet to receive a replacement. I like the feel of the eStylo a lot. Wood is a very nice feeling material and it was light and positive in the hand to use. The fact that it barely connected with the screen was the dealbreaker. Hoping that a future update allows me to say nice things about the eStylo 1.8 (which is the version I’m told I’m being sent).

What’s the best one? That’s like asking Picasso if he could make do with one brush – each stylus has a character and feel, a machine it works best on and others it suits less.

My favourites on iPad are the Nomad Compose Short hair  and the Stylus Sock. On Android I tend to like the Pogo Sketch Pro and Nomad the most.

The styli I’ve not mentioned so much are the next gen of capacitive (which all are – mimicking the static charge the glass needs to take from your finger to work) and pressure sensitive styli such as the Jot Touch, Pogo Connect and Hex3 Jaja. I’ve got the first two of the three on that list but haven’t played with them enough to actually work out if I like them or not. They certainly aren’t as immediate and lovely as the S-Pen on the newer Samsung devices are. In the short term I’ll say that I prefer the Pogo in terms of barrel size and that it uses an AAA battery rather than a rechargeable one like the Jot. It also, on the face of it, seems to convey the feeling of pressure sensitivity better than the Jot but I do want to use them both more before I start saying with any assurance which is the best way to spend £80. I wouldn’t use the number 1 gadget store again, that’s the one thing that I came out with.

Hope that helps! Long winded I know (brevity has never been my strength). If I’ve missed something give me a shout on @kercal or look up some of my videos on youtube (channel: apaulio).

If you wanted to read more (you mad, crazy fool you) then there is a whole 100+ pages of such blather (mostly iOS related though) in my tablet art book which can be found here: Apple being Apple it only works on iOS 5 and up in updated versions of iBooks, on only on iPad too, but for those happy few it’s there for you to read a sample or buy a copy of if that pickles your onions.

And, of course, Happy New Year! Hope that 2013 is a good one for all of us. Now that the Mayan threat has been lifted it’s party party party time and we can stop all this recession nonsense? Hope so.

((updated again after BETT with a few more apps in the screenshots 🙂 )).

New Update: Feb 2013.

A new app has surfaced: DrawQuest. It’s a complete corker – out Draw Somethings Draw Something by a long distance imo. Love it to pieces. Check out recent posts on my blog for more info.

On the stylus side I’ve recently bought a replacement Dagi stylus and it’s fabulous. Works especially well on the Surface RT. Like it loads, especially the Dagi Accu Pen. More details here.

Being a super special something for an hour of my life…

Yes. I know. Update more, idiot. Me, idiot that is, not you.

Update time! SO much to say.

Firstly, college has started with a… with… a… hmm… The student group I’m looking after is fabulous and I’m excited by what they’re bringing to the table. After that? Well that’s another blog post, sometime around (checks email dates etc) middle of Summer term. It’s interesting times, very much so.

As a part of the graphics curriculum I’ve organised a few things for the students to be involved in and they’re all UBER exciting. A couple of weeks ago we all visited Chin Chin Labs (@chinchinlabs), which was as lovely as should be expected, and we’re now beavering away collectively on artwork for them.

This weekend coming we’re doing a three day residency at the MCM Comics expo in London ExCeL. Excited. Still SO MUCH to do though so this is a brief update. (@mcmexpo)

The weekend after we’re doing a two day residency at the Barbican. Could not be more excited. (@barbicancentre)

Also had a very lovely plug on my favourite tech network (the British Tech Network).

Also had two new styli delivered to play with: the Pogo Connect and the Sensu Brush. WIll post comments soon am taking both to Comics Expo.

Also doing some drawing on new devices: the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Note 2 and Nintendo 3DS Xl. All bring something new to the table, more to come… When I have time… When I retire I guess…

(for example:

Also was on One Life Left as the super special guest… VERY pleased and honoured. Have been listening to them since series 2 and it’s a huge bundle of joy, week in and week out. To be an SSG? Wildest dreams and all that. You can listen to the frantic movements of the stylus and my occasional meanderings at

You can catch artwork a go go at:

Fab Will Gompertz (@willgompertzbbc) talk at Guildford Book Fest. May well mention that later…

Also: wife, daughter and I were officially enrolled into the Marmarati select group and I had the honourable title of artist in chief. Our Marmarati goodies arrived and three boxes were packed full of joy (@marmarati)

Also also, have a parcel from Microsoft (no, not the thing I really want to draw on at the moment) which has a new Win 8 paint package on. Will play later today. Comments later.

Also (YES I KNOW!!!!) Doodle bombed a Sony PSP Vita which was a very joyful hour of my life. So much happening my brain is a whirlwind.

More stuff soon but been up since half four working and will be up at Excel til late setting up stand for tomorrow.

OH BOY will I sleep well next week. I hope. Sincerely.

Couple of pics? Oh go on then:

(drawn on Note 2).

(drawn on iPad 2).

(drawn on Galaxy Note 10.1).

(photographed with Autostitch on iPhone 4s).

(drawn on Nintendo 3DS XL).


Young Rewired State thank you video.

One of my get loads of work done before holiday jobs was to do a short thank you video for the staff and volunteers of Young Rewired State. It was… a lot of fun to do but a little tense at the end as the film maker (@debbiedavies) and I both had holidays to go to as soon as it was finished and a couple of technical issues slowed down the finale of the output. The video concept was to mix iPad artwork and video and in that we were fairly successful…

Still, was well recieved and a lot of fun to do and I got to go to some groovy places in London as a result (although would dearly have loved to be at the Custard Factory when it was shown.. but by that point I was on holiday and not able to get there…)

And, of course, Young Rewired State is an awesome thing and I was glad to be working with them. Hope for more interaction with them in the future…

Introducing Mr Nick Thatcher.

Ah where do I start?

A short while ago I went to the British Tech Networks bash in Birmingham with a friend. I’ve known him since he was 13 and we’ve played computer games against each other, eaten together and run a youth group together for years now. Every Friday night he and I and a group of friends run a youth group on a council estate (and have done for 17 years now, every Friday in term time, although Nick’s only been a leader for 6 or so years I think), not every Sunday night we meet up at a friends house and play computer games. Generally I lose but, depending on the game, he loses more 🙂

What’s most interesting about Nick is that he makes things. Cool things. Amazing things. And at the Tech Network show he showed off one of the most amazing things he’s created: the bullet proof segway.

(Both photos: James Kenny).

So in a crowded garden, on a wooden patio, he drove the USB powered creation for all to see and when the rain stopped he drove it on the pavement in front of the house. That’s not the coolest thing though. He made it in a week, he designed the version you see above, cut the polycarbonate, pieced it together and implemented all of the machinery. He did most of the code for balancing the gyrscopes as well, from what I understand (although to be honest he starts talking technical jiggery pokery and my eyes glaze over).

That’s not the coolest thing. With the exception of the polycarbonate the fully working Segway is made from bits of broken machinery and equipment that his workplace, a kitchen tool engineering firm, let him take home if they don’t want them anymore. Astounding. He’s Ant and Dec meets the A-Team.

You can see a video of the Segway working here:

He’s also made a range of odd and extraordinary machines, projectile delivery devices (I probably can’t say the ‘g’ word) and, well all sorts of coolness. Nick and I collaborated on an art exhibition earlier in the year and nothing sat next to iPad artwork as well as photos of hand crafted strange machinery.

(USB powered working mini-coil gun. Photo: me).

You can see some of his inventions on his website here: and see him talk for six minutes about a range of crazy inventions, including a temporarily working plastic pulse jet, laser gun, coil guns and all sorts here:

Why mention him? Because he’s the 21 year old sequel to James Dyson, a young person who makes me smile when he gets that faraway look in his eye and says ‘ you know, I could build…..’ and you know he could, he just needs the backing, the supporting and more. I have hopes and dreams for myself as an artist but, equally, I’d love to see him get to build the things he wants to make, because they would be awesome. I’d also love to see the Stig ride the Segway around the Top Gear track, and the things Nick wants to build next would look equally good being raced and being timed. The budget for materials he clocked in at £500 for his next machine. What he needs is a garage and someone filming the process…

Hmmm wonder if that will ever happen… I really hope so, it deserves to be and, as has often been the case for me in youth work, the public assertion that kids these days are less interesting, vibrant, creative or technical is not really true. Maybe you have to search more for the most unusual kids but I’ve worked with some fab young people over the past 20 years. Long may that continue…

Charley Blimey and the bullet proof segway.

Added this image to the prior post (Holy Prior Post, Pratman) and have also added a smidge of description onto the Kermode and Mayo facebook page so, since every word I write has significance and meaning and should be kept for posterity I thought I’d add that fine stuff here:

Long story ahoy, hope it fits*.

I’m doing a collab art exhib with youth group kids**, local artists*** as well as my iPad and iPhone art.

This is one of my pics and the image on the right is called Charlie Blimey (after one of Marks catchphrases). It’s drawn entirely on an iPod touch and the story of the pic is the down on his luck reporter Charlie Blimey meeting up with Julian L’Strange (played by Jason Isaacs in the never to be commissioned TV pilot) in an alternate world where Wikileaks happened in print in the 1970s(x*). In a daring move Charley is played by Simon.

So, despite having commuted on SWT trains for years ( 🙁 ) and camped out when possible at the Curzon for a range of animations this is as close as I’ve got to saying hallo to Messrs K and M.

x*yes I know, but this is more Our Friends in the North than All the President’s Men.

All of these explanations aren’t on the fb page comment.


* the limit of the facebook comments character/updates.

**the exhib is of a magnificent 7 people, two who I work with, my wife, my daughter (although she doesn’t know this yet) – both of whom make brilliant and characterful soft toys, a local – and brilliant – illustrator called Sharon Davey and an ex-youth group kid (my daughter being the other) now turned youth group leader called Nick Thatcher who makes mashup machinery. All excellent stuff and my only fear (and a huge, crushing, damning fear) is that after all of the setup only one person will come. That said Triple FFF brewery have sent 34 pints to be consumed during the night and it’ll help if I’m on my todd.

(I will post more work by all of the other artists but for the moment here are two of the images on display from the 20 year old engineering genius, Nick Thatcher. The first is a working, USB powered, Mini Coil Gun ((naturally)) 🙂 The second picture is his fully working high speed bullet proof segway. I kid you not. He’s built all of it, including the software/gyroscope programming, when he gets back from work which is, whichever way you look at it, pretty darn astonishing. Also on display tonight will be images of Coil Guns, laser guns and bespoke culinary artillery).

iPad art (yes, that old chestnut again).

I shall Momento this post up so as to start with the exhibition!

Which leads me to the next two weeks:

Next Weds is this: an iPad art exhibition in amongst other excellent things. Guildford if you can make it and would love to see some lovely people there…

The venue is the very lovely Bar Des Arts, opp Yvonne Arnaud. It’s a great place for an exhibition and better still that it’s a collaborative work between different artists. True to form my stuff gets hung at the last minute (well, Tues and Weds am) but the stuff that’s ready now is glorious and the whole thing, metal machinery by a teenage engineering genius, soft toys by an undiscovered creative mastermind, Fine Art by lovely and amazing artists and so on, not to mention iPad art by the very modest Moi, mean that it’s going to be a fab evening. I hope. You can never tell, can you? But I love the contents of the room and the artwork going into frames very soon indeed…

And then… Well, the small matter of the world’s first tablet only life drawing session (April 1st, honest) and from then… Easter break I think and OH BOY do I need it.

Fade to black, we open at the beginning…

It’s been a week. Yesterday and the day before especially so.

Tuesday was teaching, new students interviews and then dash up to London to go to the US Embassy (note: iPads will be taken off you at the door. Small objects, suspiciously shaped like hand grenades, will not be). Still didn’t get my itin number sorted out so now have to phone the US.


Then off to meet Lumilyon, who you should all know I am a fan of and she was in London. Happy happenstance and she’s a heck of an iPhoneographer. Was excellent to see her working.

Which led to the Hi5 innovation in teaching awards. I was nominated but failed to make the final cut. Least said the better really, although I was a little surprised and disconsolate by the end of the evening. Learning without frontiers seemed a little more future facing and implementing Youtube into a class structure or making a VLE wouldn’t have been my picks of obvious innovations, excellent though I’m sure they were. Hey ho. Will not talk of it again, although may post pics in the future and the food was very nice.

Then yesterday was, of course, iP3d night so I spent it with the LMUG’s and British Tech Network, drawing and laughing and chatting about liveblogs. All good fun. Prior to that I’d had an easy day of teaching 50+ year 5 and 6 girls how to do iPad art, despite the best efforts of both Arriva busses and South West trains to get in the way rather than get me there. Then another final meet up with Lumi and then to LMUG. Got home at midnight for the second night in a row, a smidge tired.

(also I’m being lesson observed 🙁 so that’s this week completely frazzled then).

Stylus t. Frog and David Hockney: A Bigger Picture.

Unsurprisingly I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Hockney exhibition at the RA in a number of ways and, just to spite everyone who knows me, in ways unexpected as well as the more obvious iPad art angle.

For a start the exhibition itself is an amazing sight. Full and free and flowing and fabulous.

For a second thing the Andrew Marr Culture Show special was wonderful. Thoroughly enjoyable stuff.

Now, those who know me ask what I thought of the iPad art, to which I reply – very good (although I do wonder why it wasn’t screened on iPad as it was in the Parisian show last year) – which is expected. Then I follow it up with ‘not my favourite work of the show’. The favourite piece? Well, of course it was wonderful to see the Grand Canyon and Route 66 up close and personal – both wonderful pieces – but the images which moved me the most were the video installations. I could have watched them for hours. I did, in fact. Mesmeric stuff.

A third wonderful moment came when I travelled to see Edith Devaney talking to Will Gompertz at the Apple Store, Covent Garden. Of course I decided to draw in the q, on the seat while waiting and during the discussion as it went on. Those pictures are the first four below.

(waiting for the talk to begin).

(Stylus t. Frog, waiting patiently on his seat).

(Will Gompertz, arts editor for the BBC, beginning proceedings).

(Will Gompertz talking to Edith Devaney).

While waiting for the show to begin I also borrowed the Apple Store wifi to do some Sketchshare collaboration with the marvellous Mr Marjoram:

… all good fun and very diverting from waiting for things to kick off. I must admit to harbouring the faintest fraction of a hope  that David might install Sketchshare and draw a collaborative piece with myself or my students one day. Who knows…

I was also lucky enough to be invited to the teachers preview night of the exhibition, where I drew this and ended up talking to, and making friends with, a good few teachers also in attendance:

…and then a week or so later I was invited back to the RA to help the learning team get to grips with Brushes app. Directly after that I went to speak to the London Mac USer Group on iPad art in general but, just before I did, I had a brief walk through the exhibition again and drew the learning team this:

All ways round it’s been a thoroughly excellent exhibition 🙂 If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend it wholeheartedly. You may never see its like again.


Lastly – unrelated the A Bigger Picture, but I’m nervously anticipating tomorrow night. I’m up for an education award for iPad art in education for the World Skills Festival. No idea on chances – unaware of who’s in same category so assuming on a bronze medal at least. Then, on Weds, I’m the artist in residence for the London Mac User Group live podcast of the iPad 3 launch announcement.

Interesting times ahead.

Oh my goodness….

So, I started today with the normal kids to school stuff from 6.45.

Just finished now. Didn’t sit down more than half an hour between 10 – 6, then walked home for an hour and half. Then been doing emails/work calls until now.


BUT, got to do artwork collaboratively, using a fab new app called Sketchshare, on an iPad. On a Jumbotron. In front of a 100 or so people.

Tomorrow I get to do it again in front of a thousand. Interesting times! Pics to come, but now to sleep…

The Frog and the Plan.

Depending on what the plan was, yesterday went to plan.

I say that because at the moment I’m taking things as they come, because I don’t know where things are going. I know where I want to be in a year, and I’ve got a couple of things I’m working towards, but for the most part I’m allowing things to move as a river flows.

Which has worked well, in ways. Yesterday being one of those lovely unplanned but successful stops on the journey.

First off, once I’d got everything packed for the day (and there was a lot) was a book meeting with Mr Moloney at a cafe opp the Royal Academy. Very nice it was, we had coffee and pastries 🙂 and we discussed where the industry is as a whole, past projects, digital distribution, what comes after that and so on. When the pitch process started we quickly agreed to refresh a book I’d suggested to him a good year or so ago and two other pitches went well enough for sample materials to be requested. I’ve been itching to get back into writing for a while and these projects would be a welcome return for me as they’re not the big project I’ve got in mind but mini-steps on that path. The other nice thing about both projects is that they’ll have a good space for illustration within and that means I’ll have another reason to load up the art apps 🙂

Stepped straight from that meeting into the learning department of the Royal Academy, via a lovely impromptu meeting with friends on the way who’d been to see the Hockney exhibition. The q was massive and I felt a small amount of guilt that I was at the RA to teach rather than view the exhibition but would likely get to see more of Hockney’s exhibition as a result. It was a lovely time, a good number of department members wanted to see Brushes app demoed, the variety of styli that I’d brought with me and so on. I didn’t get to take a picture (completely forgot DOH) but it was just a lot of fun and they were an excellent class (bar the trouble makers at the back who were taking pictures of themselves and defacing them 😉 but that was all part of the experimentation of the session). Later that night the learning team were hosting a group of young people and I wish I could have stayed but I had another thing to dash off to at 6.

Once I finished showing the app it was a half hour back in the Hockney exhibition. I’d already been on the teacher day and had thoroughly enjoyed the larger percentage of what was on show. What I hadn’t got to see as much as I wanted to were the videos and it was an odd feeling to walk past everyone else viewing the images on display with the mind to get to one of the final rooms. When I’d been there last time a number of teachers had been asking me about iPad art (I had been drawing off and on through the exhib) so I only caught part of the video room. This time I sat there for as long as I had and it is just the most interesting wall of imagery I can imagine. Fabulous stuff.

After that it was back to Waterloo to pick up a friend who was joining me for the next talk and back on the Bakerloo line to Marylebone for the London Mac User Group. Fab stuff. I’ve been a few times now and get on very well with the audience anyway but to stand in front and talk away – I was nervous and as always I forget the planned notes I have and afterwards have forgotten everything I said during the time on stage. Everyone seemed happy with the demo and it got a good round of applause so my inner Egozilla slept well that night, all cities conquered or at least laid to a good deal of destruction.

What’s next? Today it’s holiday club for 25 10 year olds doing artwork, shrink plastic and mini-books. After that? Holiday club on Weds. After that? All sorts of interesting stuff, I just don’t know what that is yet…

Stylus t. Frog and the Weapons of Mass Construction…

Working title. I may go with ScreenPainter instead but this title always makes me smile. Stylus t. and I have shared quite a journey over the past few months.

The other thing I’m working on at the moment is a book. So, yes, another of those then. This one’s different though, in as much as it’s an art book almost solely about my travels with a variety of Apple devices: iPod touch through to iPhone 4S.

It’s a 100 pages long, contains over 150 pictures, photos and all sorts and chats over which is the best stylus, which art apps make the grade and some of the large scale art events I’ve run over the past couple of years.

Not sure how much it’ll be when it hits the iTunes store (I’m thinking around the £4.49 mark?) but hopefully it’ll be worth that at least 🙂 I’ve made it in iBooks Author and that’s been a lot of fun to work my way through with only the occasional incidence of teeth grinding frustration.

Bit of luck it’ll be released on or around March the 1st.

First talk on the book 8 accidental tour will be at the London Mac User Group this Monday.