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Last nights pictures…

Lovely night out last night watching the footie and sketching on the iPod touch. Had been invited out to a gig in the evening so went to see the footie and walk from one place to the gig. As it was I should have stuck with the gig venue throughout because they were watching the football too and the crowd there was awesome. One more pic to come (have to scan it, was a pencil/paper thing – shocking I know).

Now with added Octosquid violence.

OK I lied.

Well, SOKO*.

Doodled this while playing with son boy as he monologued between two of his favourite toys: Wall-E and EVE.


BUT: also did this on shrink plastic:



Getting into the water colour on Shrink Plastic thing again. In my mind I’m mulling over an exhibition of iPod touch artwork and shrink plastic next to each other so playing on the small imagery type of thing. Mulling over at the mo’ hoping to get it sorted for the beginning of next year.

Apart from that: 80% back to normal, nearly there. Went to visit dad earlier and waddled around the town like a zombie at the end of it. Back at work next week though 🙁 that’ll test it.

*Sort of kind of.

Alison Moyet is back, back, back!

Well, soko*.

BIG Alison Moyet fan I is. All of her CD’s have been a delight, none more so than the past three: Hometime, Voice and The Turn. If you’ve forgotten how good her soft and dreamy caramel tinged voice tastes I suggest giving the previews a flick through and remember days in the 80’s when it seemed like she would take over the world with Alf and Raindancing and so on.

Aaaanyhow: October (I think?) sees the release of a best of CD backed by a second disc of new cuts of classic tracks. Guess which disc is the one I’m buying it for?

The CD cover artwork is also very cool, from a design perspective also:

The photo was originally released in black and white and, while very moody, I’d have held it up as a nearly there image (although at the moment I can’t find it so it’s a nearly where? image) because the contrast of the left hand side of the picture was overwhelmed by the contrast on her hand on the right. A great picture for sure but slightly unbalanced.

Not so this colour version. Beautifully balanced the shine on her hair on the left hand side balances the picture drawing the viewers eye to AM’s eyes. I’ll be using the pic when I teach eyeflow with the A2 students in the next couple of weeks in fact. Ace image and CANNOT wait to catch the cd and possibly the gig in December.

*sort of kind of.