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London Adobe #CreateNow: This is EXACTLY how the event went…

So it’s been a HECK of a month (and we’re still only 10 days into it…)

It started with the end of year graphics exhibition. Well. Exhibitions. One at the Bar Des Arts in Guildford, courtesy of the very amazing Kath Jones’ organisational excellence, followed, three days later by the graphics takeover of the Creative Corridor from my good self, Aidan, Beth, Gio, Alex and Kath again.

One the wine had worn off from the open evenings it was back on the road to the #CreateNow event hosted by Adobe all over the world. I had a ticket to waddle up to the London leg of the journey and, while there it was… well… This was the first picture I drew, in Adobe Sketch on the tube from Waterloo:

Which set the tone, I think.

Adobe had, a long few months ago, announced the Project Mighty (a fascinating looking connected stylus) and Napoleon (a connected ruler). Shortly before the Create Now events they had also launched a series of free iOS apps (Sketch, Line, Photoshop Mix, Voice) with the first two working more than happily with the Ink and Slide (as Mighty and Napoleon had been renamed).

And I knew they would be there. Which is why I was too 🙂

The excellent @BeatleJase lent me his Slide ruler (see what they did there?) from the get go, which is why I went easy on him when drawing:

(to be fair this was drawn at the end of the day and we were all a bit punchy)

The first pic I drew with Slide was this:

Took a bit of getting used to, and I don’t think I’m the target market for it, but it’s a very nicely constructed piece of kit. Beautifully so. It feels too light to be a working unit and then, when you lay it on the screen, it… to borrow a phrase, just works.

So after the brickwork I drew this:

… and, again, I was impressed with how effortlessly the ruler was a part of the screen.

Now… the problem with an Adobe Create Now event is that, really and truly, I would love to be just listening and catching up on what’s being said and the new functions that are being teased. But I felt like I should be drawing, so, with only half of my attention on the stage I’m pretty sure this actually happened:

Eventually the effortlessly cool @Mchaize and @Rufusd finished their product demos and I held Rufus up with a water pistol filled with indelible purple ink. One of us was coming out of the stand off inked.

Fortunately for both of us the water pistol was whisked away by the Adobe magicians to be turned into the next big input device*. And I had an Ink stylus to play with for an hour…

*Copyright me. A water pistol screen input was always going to happen I’m astounded no-one came up with it before me.

The problem was – Rufus happily told me once the ink/water pistol had been whisked away – that the Ink stylus only works (currently) with iPad 4 and up. And me, being a part time teacher with an understanding – but equally part time teacher – wife, am still on my trusty 3.

Help was at hand and I hooked up with another show attendee who was happy to share her iPad 4 with the Ink stylus. I didn’t mind sharing… much… 🙂 The combination of not my stylus and not my iPad led to this:

…and a few other pics that you can see on my Flickr Feed.

Incidentally the final pic above was an excellent talk, as was the talk which preceded him about Hollywood special effects but by that point I was happy to just let things happen. All in all the day completely delivered on its remit of showcasing awesome aspects of creativity and made me want to play with desktop software which is not always the case as I’m far more at home with a tablet (or several tablets).

Sadly once Rufus worked out that I’d swapped his stylus for a banana I had to get the heck of (colour) Dodge:

and all of that art and exercise led to Stylus T. and I being tired little screen painting partners on the way home:

Although somewhere along the line I think I dreamt that I carried on with my Frog and Blueteeth picture which since the Inky addition has now had a Jot Touch PixelPoint added to it too.

And that is that, I think. ’twas an excellent day, as the Adobe shows always are. Loved being able to sit and draw in it. All of the above pics, natch, were drawn with Adobe Line (free), Sketch (free) and Photoshop Touch (not free but worth every penny) on an iPad 3, iPad 4 or Tesco Hudl. Hope you like.

On the Jot Touch PP score… I’d love to play with the Ink and Jot next to each other. I’ve got some things I want to say about the Touch but I want to play with the Ink at the same time to see if my thoughts are still fair…

‘Til the next time 🙂


I like screens.

Yes, I know. I assume that (well, one or two people notwithstanding) you’re patient with the fact that I like creating images on a variety of touch screens. Occasionally I like to create images on a lot of screens in one day and today? Well. Was one of those days…

So I started in a meeting about all sorts of rubbish and how to deal with it and, after that, I splurged pictures onto a Tesco Hudl using Photoshop Touch app:

After that I found myself in a Carphone Warehouse shop drawing on a Sony Xperia Z with the in-built Note app:

And of course the video won’t embed. Grr. Here it am though:

Xperias used to be phones and tablets that I avoided, as they normally had not a single drawing or visual note making application installed to play with. Now Sony have both Sketch and Note and both are very good apps to have a test on and the Xperias work very well indeed.

After that I found myself in an o2 shop drawing on a Note 3 until the guy on duty asked if I would draw on his Note 10.1 instead…

(although by this time I think I was beginning to become away I should really be at home, waiting for the school bus and cooking dinner for the evening. So I drew both pics as quickly as I could and dashed back for the bus…)

Which brings me to…

Every so often I tell people I draw on buses. I suspect they think this:

…which I drew on the last bus of the day, on a Nintendo 2DS using the very playful and enjoyable New Art Academy cart.

I don’t draw on the actual bus itself but, as I often say to the students I teach, it’s all about finding your zone. I’m never more happy that when I can sit on a bus with some good music in my ears and a fully charged tablet to draw on. It’s my comfort draw place and that, in many ways, epitomises the magic of this increasingly powerful generation of tablet computer power. To have so many screens to choose from, to have so many marvellous styli, so many awesome apps? At prices that are frequently lower than the 1gb ram upgrade that I put in my first computer?

Amazing. We live in fabulously interesting times.

Videos to come. Processing now. On a laptop that feels slower and cludgier than the tablets I’ve drawn on through the day.

Here’s to computing evolution and the screens that throw data around at the glance of a finger tip.


Creative Week day 5.

If I were writing a press release about the past week it would go something like… “Adobe’s Creative Week was a fabulous thing to be involved in and I sincerely hope that it becomes a significant part of every years creative calendar. I learnt a huge amount over the two days I was there and met some very cool and interesting people”.

Or some such. It was a very interesting week all told. A wide range of professionals having fun, talking shop, eating a wide and visually pleasing array of canopes and nibbles and, for me, a good place to sit and draw and sketch on my trusty iPad 2. These are the images that came out of day 5 (although I was only there on days 2 and 5). All drawn using Adobe Ideas except for the last one created with Adobe Eazel.

Next year I hope that the course I’m trying to get going becomes more a part of the Creative Week proceedings, we’ll see, but by this time in 2013 I should have a clutch of confident and talented iPad artists to work with, which will be fun. Similarly, while the studio talks were all excellent, and well worth catching up with on the catch up channel Adobe has put in place, my studio is the back of a bus and that translates very well to being filmed 🙂 We’ll see, aspirations and dreams and so forth.

Spent the Friday at the Creative Week studios and then walking around London with the fabulous iPhoneographer Lumilyon. We chatted projects and plans, hers and mine and, hopefully, a couple of collaborative works over the next year. ‘Twas a very good day.

More to come, as ever. Thanks to all who tweeted nice things and asked questions. Now onto what’s next. Although I might chill out for the rest of the weekend I think…

Also: was very excited to be a featured artist by Adobe US. That consisted of an interview and a specifically created piece of art (the stylus image which you can find in the post below). The interview itself can be found here. My interview with the David and Rupert from the Creative Week can be found here by clicking on the Tuesday 10th video and then clicking on the final dot towards the end. I’ve not watched it yet, must admit, but that’s where I is 🙂 You would also be able to see me drawing away during the first part of the video, the studio discussion, also at the same link.

Doodled this through a (yet another, sorry) day of frustration…

Not getting anywhere at the moment. So much to do and yet every step seems mired in clay and up a slippery slope to boot. Tricksome. I’m suffering from serious data overwhelm at the moment and the right course of action is  a scary one (ask to reduce hours which may see the recipient of the news reducing them to 0. Still mulling over that one…)

Did draw/doodle/paint this in Photoshop on a very dodgy college Dell PC. It struggled but tbh I wasn’t after the speed of processing so much (which was good, come to that), just pressed a button, did some work, pressed another button, did some more work and then whaled into what was left during my lunch hour and after work itself. Not 100% finished (I intend to fade the hat out, make the mouth less obvious etc but as a pic that came together with no plan nor initial outcome it’s alright… My favourite self portrait and, though it hasn’t had many comments on the forum I post work on or on Flickr – hint – the comments were nice and Adobe tweeted that they liked it). Hey ho. Only did the pic to keep myself sane, as a self portrait it probably shows how well that task is progressing…

(click image for larger version)…

(click image for larger version)…

More self centred moaning about work after this short break 🙂 ((I did have a very pleasant day off today helping my niece take her CV around shops now that she’s finished college and bought my daughter a teepee to boot so it’s not all bad. Completely forgot to pick up Tap magazine though, but as a day it was theraputic…))