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Funny how…

Couple of things.

Funny how your least favourite thing can become the most liked with a little work. This pic was the one I came to almost last because I just wasn’t enjoying it (one of the last images from the book draw that people will work with) and then, after an hour of frowning it became one of the panels I like most. If you’ll forgive the sermonising it remindeth me of a student I taught last year. Her first year had not been a success, for various reasons, and she got a D which I think was deserved in the grand scheme of things. Year 2 we really worked on things, did a lot of positive encouragement and the final result (aggregated even) was a B and I was the recipient of a really happy email to say thanks 🙂 (and truth to tell felt similarly proud at the accomplishment).


Also a local company which I’ll name once it’s all happily organised have very kindly come into the Big Book Draw in a big way, sponsoring a perspex wall that people will be able to draw on. That’s a fab bit of news because it was the thing I think I most wanted to do just didn’t think I could squeak it in in the squeaky budget. To know it’s a goer is a fab and lifting bit of new. Woo hoo 🙂 More stuff as it comes in.

Halo 3: Odious Tea.

One misheard computer game name title quoted on the Joystiq podcast and this fell out of my fingers onto Brushes. Probably won’t make sense to the vast majority of anyone who checks this out but regardless; doodle ahoy:


((It’s a riff on the next in the Halo series – Halo 3: ODST – if anyone’s causing themselves scalpal issues with the head scratching nature of the secret hidden code.)) (((Also, in a little bit of art imitating life, I’m not a big fan of tea either. I’m more of a coffee guy myself.)))

The ballad of Steve and Yoko.

So the day of three nine’s went by without huge incident: didn’t get a copy of Beatles Rock Band (on delayed order from Game.co.uk grrr), didn’t buy any of the CD’s (am interested in the mono’s but £200 are you having a giraffe?) didn’t watch the documentaries (McCartney’s historical revisionism? No ta) and didn’t see anything of interest in the Apple showcase (last years Zune functionality? Camera that doesn’t take pictures? Slightly shinier colours?)

As you might be able to tell, slightly underwhelmed by the whole kit and kaboodle. I was hoping for a mac tablet or Yellow Submarine iPod classic. In fact the best thing about it was Steve Jobs back on form, sort of kind of, and starting with a plea for people to choose to be organ donors, which is understandable bearing in mind the year he’s had.

So, with that sort of but not quite in mind this image fell onto my iPod Touch this evening.


All things considered they make something of a double act… But who’d get the leather chair and the white cat? Which of them would want a white cat bearing in mind they’re both wearing black? Ahhh the possibilities….


Those who know me have probably become long used to me with headphones stuck in my ears listening to my iPod.

It used to be that I was listening to music and, by and large, that would be bands such as Onehundredhours, Quench, Alison Moyet, Blur, Booley, Duke Special, Gorillaz and a fair few more.

Nowadays it’s split between that and podcasts. When I bought my first iPod (a nano that said it was {red} but was in fact metallic pink) I downloaded a podcast onto itunes to see what they were like and was hooked ever since. So if you see me with headphones in it’s as likely to be One Life Left, Macbreak Weekly, TWIT, BOL, Joystiq, Kermode and Mayo and iFanboy as it is likely to be music and they’re all ace and fine companions to the week.

Not that I have a favourite but this image just sprung to mind and I started and finished it yesterday on a bus and in the Weatherspoon’s. Twas fun to do… The image isn’t really original I guess but it works (for me at least) so up it goes. Financially and time wise I don’t really follow comics as much as I would like at the mo (I was hugely into them in the 80’s/early 90’s) but still catch up with the various universes through iFanboy at least.



Brushes again, with a hint of Pixelmator as well to finish off. Now to have a rest for a while, worked with 120 kids this week and it’s time for ten minutes of silence to let my brain cool down…

Actually I do need to learn to say the word ‘no’…

So unsolicited advice welcomed 🙂

And I need to say ‘no’ to myself as much too. No, you’re already doing 1 – 3 books in the next year, don’t add 2 more to the list etc… (But they’re so concise! And sorted, and cute, I argue with myself, hey ho).

Diff subject, in lunchtime of summer school 1 of 3 this week (trying to get all of my youthwork in one week in Aug to free up the rest for family stuff). So far lovely kids and results 🙂 On to silk painting in a few mins from badges and shrink plastic. Onwards 🙂

Changing direction again again…

OK, so I think I’ve got another couple of things to play with – project ideas that is. One is almost fully formed from the moment wifey and I started to bounce ideas around, the other… Hmmm…. Don’t know.

And therein lies some of my problems. A million ideas, too many. I occasionally joke I should clone myself although the danger with that is that both mes would come up with ideas and we’d both need to clone. Soon it would be a tsunami of orange strangeness and… well, best not to start, really.

I’m going to sit in a coffee shop tomorrow and think things through. I need to start making a plan to stick to and no further. Work wise I’ve gone from being redundant to having three hours to having 6 hours a week with the possibility of more to come over different disciplines which is comforting at least and nervey in a much as the more you spread yourself over courses the more it takes to plan and mark. Need to stop the merry go round for a couple of days and mull, mull, mull…

Anyhow, here’s a doodle I did just to get away from it all plus a couple of pics I found at the back of my camera.






Prob. finished on this page, at least for the moment while I get onto something else… It’s a very emotive part of the story and I don’t want to overwork it visually. It’s also the only page in the entire issue that has this look and vibe so good to get it out of the way and know I can get on with the pages which have a more colourful feel to them.

Incidentally the story of the page isn’t what it possibly first appears to be. It is… hmmm… Strikes me that it bears some explanation but don’t want to give too much away. The story is to do with the repercussions of Little Red Riding Hood being attacked by the Wolf and it seems to me that there is a lot more that could be said if you took the ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ line away from the original. It’s the stuff of nightmares, long and ongoing, and that’s where the picture picks up. I did have a small ish debate with an occasional acquaintance on friday at the Boileroom and he admitted that he didn’t get it. Ah well, happier pages to come. Well, more colourful anyhow. Although the page after this stars the ‘flycos and they’re not the nicest of characters. More hopefully soon although have to dash to edit Les Mis now…