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Samsung tablet art morning…


Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

Every so often, more and more frequently in fact, I’m asked to teach people how to draw and paint on tablets. Depending on who’s asking it can be a range of age groups. At the Ben Uri gallery I work with adults, on a St Peter’s craft morning its children.

Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

In as much as each group brings something new to the table there’s little difference (actually that’s not true… Nine times out of ten adults are far more scared to start than children are). But each group is certainly fun to run.

Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

This morning it was the turn of the 5-12 year olds and it was a lovely session. I could only fit 6 kids on my table and with 25 there it was a busy morning with lots of laughing and coo-ing over peoples shoulders (there were 3 other tables of other things to do on the hall that said so it’s not like people didn’t get the chance to play with something while they were waiting.

Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

I’d brought 6 loaned Samsung Notes with me, 3 Note 10.1s, 2 Note 3s and a Note Pro. Each are great machines and the kids loved drawing on photos of each others faces using the very wonderful ArtRage app.

Lovely tablet art morning with 5-12 year olds.

All in all – lovely fun. A huge shame the Samsungs have to go back this week, have thoroughly enjoyed working with them…

Mornin’ Drawin’: Talking Rubbish.

I often get asked where the ideas come from.

Basically everywhere and anywhere. The trick is to let them carry on running from something that starts off as an interesting idea to see where it gets to as an image, animation or so on. The only difference between me and anyone else who giggles about an object having a funny face on it is that I then scribble the idea onto a tablet and a certain amount of practise in doing so.

This mornin’*, for example, I was waiting for a bus as I generally don’t. Normally I walk into work but today I was carrying too much paperwork so I thought I’d take it easy on myself and it was only then, with 14 minutes of potential standing around time, that I noticed how much the wheelie bins looked like people, especially one nearby that had obviously had too much to eat.

So out came the trusty Hudl (which is probably my favourite tablet at the moment – fantastic little thing**) and I was scribbling away. 20 minutes later (sigh) the bus came and I’d drawn this. I didn’t have my styli on me (assuming that I’d only be doing paperwork today) but I did have a freebie pen with stylus tip in a pocket and that worked well enough, given the choice I had.

So. ArtFlow app? Any good? Well, for the money – certainly! It’s a corker at free (for a feature limited version) and less than £4 for the full on app. Apart for bang for buck value? The features are all there but the interface is a bit cludgey. There’s lots of travel around the screen to do anything and anything that you do do then obscures a good deal of the screen as you do so. So I’m not fully sold. But it’s powerful, simplified in places where it should be and probably in the top 3 art apps on Android as things stand.

And, of course, I’ve given you a title which is a gift if you want to add a comment… Talking Rubbish…? Well…

*Hence calling my pics as I get ready for work Mornin’ Drawin‘s*** as I try (and more often than I’d like fail****) to draw for 10 – 25 minutes before I get to work every day. Practise, practise, practise, for a start, but I also find it blows the cobwebs of the day before away in a pleasant manner…

**Admittedly the camera is a bit blah. This is partially down to the hardware and equally down to Android having a bit of a poor photo app imo. The rest of the Hudl is ace.

*** Which my iPhone repeatedly decides should be autocorrected as Mormon’ Darwin’. Grr.

**** I REALLY do need to start tagging things properly in Flickr for example.