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Drawing on screens that are not mine.


Friday I drew on an Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Sadly there was nothing on the device in the way of an art app so I loaded up Safari and the excellent Harmony drawing web app and doodled the above while the very excellent Mr Nick Thatcher walked around and bought the things we needed for EGX.

Saturday – still very much on EGX mode I popped into PC World Woking (having been to Hobbycraft to buy stuff) and drew this on an HP touch screen desktop while I was chatting to staff seeing if they had something in stock I needed.

Saturday – again buying things for EGX (spot a theme developing?)  I drew this in Argos on the demo Surface Pro machine.

Basically? I love drawing on screens, all sorts of shapes, sizes, brands and makes. I sat in a pub once with some tech heads and they were getting a little irate as we sat directly under a huge advert on the wall for a certain brand of tablet from a company which at the time (and continues to) ignore any emails I sent asking for tablet lends for my students. The advert seemed all but ignored by the general populous which walked underneath it and my use case seemed to have more bang for buck and the people I sat with seemed to be getting far more angry about the situation than I was…  I’m used to getting to Plan C at least on any project.

Hey Ho. Until all art apps are taken from all demo machines at least I’ll be able to play according to my hearts content (and free time, and shop opening hours, and so on). So that’s definitely something…


Give me a minute, we’ll get back to the above picture later.

I do like, as has been mentioned before, the Microsoft Surface tablet. Especially with Fresh Paint, an app which suits it down to the ground.

A short while ago the hashtag #MeetSurfacePro3 popped up on Twitter to cover a Microsoft tour of UK Currys/PC World stores (and Harrods) showing off the Surface Pro 3 before launch next week. Sounded like a nice plan so I checked the interactive map and found that my two local stores weren’t being visited which was a bit of a boo 🙁

So it wasn’t in my mind when I popped into my local PC World this morning to buy a fridge for my dad (long story). While there the staff noticed I was in and sent a Microsoft rep to me to say they had a Surface 3 in store and asked if I want to play? The original plan had been to buy the fridge and skidaddle but my long suffering wife raised her eyes to the heavens and said that I could walk back and she’d go and get the shopping on her own.

Hence the picture above. (That said I it last on a Surface Pro 2. I’ll get onto that later. Again).

The first picture I painted:

No prizes for guessing why… 🙂 I love both Daleks and Fresh Paint’s signature pink colour.

Once done I walked home… But it was so much fun I decided to pop back later (when we’d measured the space for the fridge). While I walked to the shop I worked out what I wanted to draw, hence this:

(although in retrospect I wish I’d added a green glow to the love hearts 🙂 ).

And then, as I walked home for the last time, I popped into Argos (PC World not having a fridge in stock) and found myself drawing on their demo Surface Pro 2.

All in all a lovely Surface drawing day. Thoughts on the 3? I like the screen aspect ratio (although I liked the widescreen one too), the kick stand works well (although I couldn’t test how it stands up to a longer drawing time as the first pic took 20 mins and the second took 40).

The pen? Well, bearing in mind there  was a lot of hoo hah about the 512 steps of sensitivity I found it perfectly fine to use, better than most of the BT pressure styli I use on other tablets. It reminded me of the Sony pen which worked on the Vaio sliders which is high praise – that’s still one of my favourites.

All told an excellent tablet and I can’t wait to play with it some more…