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And a bit more Jotting.

Still enjoying the Script stylus (two days in 🙂 ).

This morning (Thursdays are the one day in the week I get to lay in) I thought I’d have a lazy paint morning so I fired up ArtRage on the iPad  (which every time I use it I’m struck by how phenomenally powerful it is as an application, some very heavy pixel lifting going on under the glass screen) and started to paint. Nothing came to mind for a subject so back to the stylus it was.

Unsure whether I like the landscape or portrait version more but was a lovely hour of chilling out. Now, sadly, back to work. Busy week this, as they all seem to be…

I did, for once, remember to click on the ‘record animation’ button on ArtRage so will try and output and edit that sometime soon… Just, very much, not today.

Plus a later update as the post wouldn’t upload:

First job today (well, first job I’ve got to) is to do a LOT of scanning and while I’m doing that I’ve been doodling this in Penultimate app.

Also on Styli…

Not all of my styli but here’s a clutch of them, the ones I had in my work bag today…

Which, bearing in mind I’ve lost a few recently ( 🙁 ) is still a bit scary. More worrying is that this is pencil case 1 of 2 and the other one has a similar amount in… Hmm… I may have a problem.

A range of styli draw in DrawQuest app. Animated version here: http://drawquest.com/p/2bwflr

Anyhow, also on my birthday the list of styli received (the Wacom Intuos Creative being one):

also contained a Pogo Sketch Pro to replace a lost one (one of my favourites – a delicately beautiful stylus. Fragile but light and wonderful) and a Nomad Mini2 which is completely new on me. I did order a mini 1 once but it was out of stock between ordering and receiving it 🙁

Nomad Mini 2 painted on an iPad using Sketchbook app using a… well… you can guess which stylus.

Nomad Mini 2 painted on an iPad using DrawQuest app using… well… you can probably guess correctly again…

As expected the Nomad Mini 2 is excellent. A lovely shape and works well with every screen I’ve thrown it at.

I’ve already drawn the Sketch Pro but will do so again sometime soon…

I also drew a Pogo Connect with a Pogo Connect with an app which doesn’t have the capacity to connect to a Pogo Connect. Because that’s the sort of idiot I am.

Pogo Connect, Didlr app, iPad 3.

Next on the stylus list? Nothing planned…Ahem.

But I always say that. I do like the idea of the Hex3 Nota (for the Android support) and the Adonit Evernote edition (for the thin tip support…) and the… Well, I had better stop there I think. Exciting times, as always. Screens, apps and styli are a fabulous combination.