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I haven ‘t blogged for a month???

Well. Maybe not much of a surprise. Has been a hugely busy and chaotic month.

Will blog more soon, so much to blather on about. Did my leg in then walked 15 miles, took 40 students to a small comic gathering over 3 days showing off tablet art techniques to 100,000 people (working a ninety hour week and walking 60 km in the process) as well.

Hmm. A theme gathering here, yet I still look like Jabba the Slug. Sigh.

ANYHOW! Busyness. To whit the next blog post. But before that I present a distracted paint iPad ArtRage doodle I did last night while watching the latest preposterous slice of 24.

Abstract Photoshop artwork.

Still loving the iPad 2/iPod Brushes combo but also had a couple of disappointments in that area over the past month or so so have gone back to a little bit of Photoshop playfulness. These are all variations of a workflow theme that I keep meaning to get into for some sort of linked series… (As ever: we’ll see).


Fun to do though, hence sharing.

((larger versions on my flickr feed here…))