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Joining the Marmarati.

Also in this weeks exciting blog post updates (oh I jest, as if I updated the blog anywhere near that regularly):

The Marmarati are having a competition. Participants are to create Marmite related imagery for.. well… don’t know, actually. Something or other. To be honest they had me at Marmite artwork. Few pieces of design have as much of a hold on me as a Marmite jar has. For some reason it’s a completely beautiful object, from the shape to the colour, and one that always makes me smile.

I’ve drawn things that are Marmite related before and blogged about them in the past but this time it’s personal. Well…. It’s something I’m more than happy to do in my spare time. Yes. Spare time. Hmm. Well, when that happens I like to draw so here are a couple of new pics with the intention that, while I’m on holiday soon, I’ll finish off two that I want to create with more time and focus devoted to them…

(drawn on iPad 2 using ArtStudio app).

(Drawn on iPAd 2 using ArtRage app).

(drawn on iPhone, on a train, using Adobe Ideas).

Should you be so kind you could click here and vote for my artwork in fact 🙂 No idea how I’ll fare against the other pics on display but I must admit to wanting to win the Marmarati crested Tankard…