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Today I drank a green beer.

I didn’t mean to… I just had thirty minutes between finishing off sending out a couple of review copies of Sylver and getting back to do the school run (spoiler: walk) and the idea seemed too good to avoid. Actually it was nice, not stunning but pleasant enough and it gave me a good opportunity to grab the iPod touch and start drawing:

and take a couple of pics while I was at it.

Then, before I knew it I was back on the treadmill again. And now to sleep….

Dad’s birthday card…

So, apart from the fact that my wife was sick as a sick pig today, and it was my dad and daughter’s birthday, I drew this on Brushes. It reminded me that it was drawing a card for my dad’s birthday that started me off on Brushes in the first place so here’s a post with the first image I drew in Brushes (two years ago? One year? Wow I think it was only a year… ) and the most recent one I’ve done today. Hopefully they’re pretty easy to work out which is which.