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May the 12th, 2012th.

Oh it’s been a year…

The next stop on my art journey is this Saturday at the Maidenhead Art on the Street event. The more I find out about it the more I’m excited to be a part of it and I’ve gone from being a very irregular visitor to come to being  smitten with their art shop (an amazing place with four floors and an art room which makes my art classroom pale into dungeon like status. That said, it will not topple Guildford Art Centre from my affections as one of the nicest places on the planet, partially because I think Phillipa would kill me if I said anything even remotely close to that effect. It’s a close race though…)

The Art on the Street  event? Sounds brilliant. 120 pitches for artists to sell their wares, lots of information for new and growing artists, live music, treasure maps, all sorts. Fantastic stuff. You can read more about it here: http://www.maidenheadartmarket.org/

My involvement? Well, I’ve been drawing on a range of odd and unusual screens for a while, as readers of the blog will know, and one of my favourite screens is a Promethean IWB 500. Mutlitouch and a lovely canvas to use Art Rage software on. I’d already live drawn on a Promethean IWB at a trade show before and had video’d not only one of the images created (IWB art) but also the journey to the show (iPad art).

This time it’s different! This time there’s a plan 🙂 (Last time I was told to show up and draw).

This time it’s a book draw.

Yes, I know. One of them… And yes, it does sound counter-intuitive bearing in mind we’ll be drawing on a large flat, matt canvas with digital paint.

The thing is, I know they work. I like the characters (The Dragon and His Princess). And to see kids come out of the session with a small book that they’ve made? Always very exciting. So I put my mind to how the Dragon and His Princess would interact with an IWB and, from then on in, the story pretty much wrote itself…

So… Here are some images that have been made during the planning process and, on Saturday… It’ll all be very busy and lively and exciting I expect and a very exciting book will be finished. Me, I’ve only done a small part of it, there’s much more to be made and that’s not my job, me I’ll just be there to hold the IWB pen and encourage others to do the cool stuff…. Videos and pictures of the day to follow, these are doodles from the week leading up to May the 12th, 2012th.

All images painted on Promethean IWB 500 using Art Rage software between teaching classes 🙂 You can see a video of the making of two of the images above here: http://www.youtube.com/user/apaulio

Looking forward to it? Oh yes. That said I have to get a train there at 8 which means getting up at 6.30. On a night after youth group. And then wifeys out in the evening so I’m not even able to sleep then! (Then a Sunday group doing art and craft activities…. The fun never ends. Sunday afternoon will be sleep, sleep, sleep, as Damon Albarn once beautifully soundtracked)…

Big screen fun, small paper finale. Hope you can join me, say hi if you do.

On Collaboration.

Recently I’ve been asked a number of interesting questions about collaboration by a number of people who seem similarly minded to me on the subject.

So first off, that’s nice. I’m not alone in my occasionally mad machinations.

Secondly an app has sprung up recently which REALLY inspires my love of collaborative work. It’s a lot of fun, something which, from the get go, I wanted to share with the world and so, over a range of social networks, I have. This is not a post about that app, more on the collaboration it has inspired.

And no, it’s not Draw Something, although I love the fact that that app, more than any other, has got the mobile device world drawing on their screens…

The app I’ve fallen in love with is called Sketchshare and, from the instant it first booted (hah, there’s a blast from the past word), it blew my mind.

Remember when the Nintendo DS first appeared? What inspired people the most? Mario 64 on a handheld? One of the left-field games? (I didn’t come to a DS until a little later so, for me, one of the launch games was Feel The Magic which I thought was gloriously odd and made some brave and clever decisions). For me it was the chat room and the ability to draw and type at the same time. Fast forward to now and, Netsketch aside, no app has made me want to draw with people as I put stylus to glass screen (although I am growing to like Draw Something as well)…

Anyway, this post is about the collaboration aspect and last night I came back from a family birthday party with a stinking cold and opened up an art chat with the amazing Mr Dave Hall. Fun it was and we spent a wonderful couple of hours creating this image together:

The time flew by and was only interrupted by the fact that my sons bedtime took priority (or, more truthfully that my wife reminded me that my sons bedtime took priority) and that was the spur to finish. But we could have gone on and on… Fun it was, and more fun it will grow to be.

The fact that up to four people can draw at the same time? Lovely. Haven’t managed to get four people drawing at the same time but I will, I hope. As it is all of the sketchshare collaborations I’ve had, with Roz, Rose, Ben, Stefan, Chris, Stew, Richard, Mr Rama, Mr Stick and Mr Siggs, Lenny and the Grauel and, of course, the luminescent Lumilyon… All have been wonderful moments, chatting and doodling and seeing what happens when pixels are herded together by more than one pair of hands.

Long time readers of the blog will know that 2004 – 2009 were lovely art collab years focused around the Big Book Draw. Is there a way to get that and the newly found collapp work put together? I really hope so… We’ll see… For the moment? Onwards, onto the next picture, and the one after. My favourite ones being those that friends are a part of, rather than simply the audience of.

Why collaborative art? Because enthusiasm is infectious and is a bug that wants to be caught…


Wombat and Wambot…

One of the things I’ve been working on, well, two of them actually, comes to leave my hands and go to the hands of others soon enough.

The first, Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time, hits shelves in April after the most protracted birth of any of my projects, ever. Oh boy.

The second hits shelves before hand, despite only having been worked on since Christmas in any real sense. It’s been a theraputic piece of work in some ways, exciting in others. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Wombat and Wambot. It’s the tale of a small, furry amnesiac and his large robotic counterpart. Fairly obviously the name came first and the story… Well, there’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that in there. Sometime soon it becomes my own and then, shortly after, it’s going to be given over to others: much like the Big Book Draw the fun of Project Wombat is that others will fill in the middle up until the last page or so. That part will be the most fun of all. I had intended to show the project off sometime in the Summer but with the release of Brushes on the iPad in a months time it makes more sense to try and hit before then which has compressed my stretching out and relaxing time to a small, stressed ball of lack of time off. Still, I do love working on a project so hey ho, all part of the game.

Anyhow if you’re so inclined you could join the twitter feed at @wombatwambot or add the facebook page here… The more the merrier (and of course the more would help me out in showing the project off to others in the future so any adds would be gratefully appreciated).

Back to the Book…


((or click here for the bigger version 🙂 ))

A couple of no-shows excepted we’re going great guns on the Book Draw. Some lovely artwork, both from well known names and well liked students is coming in and will be available for people to use on the day… This, above, may well be the centrepiece – an A1 image with fish printed on it from all of the people who’ve sent in artwork and a couple of others besides with a couple more to come… It’ll have a sheet of acetate over it that can have fish drawn on by the participants of the book draw itself. Should look interesting. Not 100% sure if it’ll work or not, but am intrigued to know how it’ll turn out on the day.

Apart from that events over the past couple of days have left me wondering if the entire education system in this country is fundamentally broken from cradle to grave. Very demoralising and two people said to me the same thing – be part of the solution… But the problem is that there is no money, courses and tutors are being cut without consideration, teaching power is being taken away from teachers and so on… I don’t know how I can be part of the solution to that. Tricksome and defeating, at the moment anyhow.

Still, book draw on Sat and hopefully it’ll be fun. Hope, hope, hope…

Got the venue got the date…


So: planning for October already: got the venue sorted – the lovely St Saviour’s church in Guildford. Its a fab venue: accessible, light, airy, perfect for drawing and creating something in. Hurrah.

Also the date is nailed down so if you’d like to come to a 5th Annual Big Book Draw in Guildford pencil in October the 17th. It’s gonna be all sorts of ace.

((I’ve also bought all the shrink plastic in anticipation and am now keeping an eye out for materials. More n that later…))

So, image above, process animation to come… Still loving brushes although I did have my first crash yesterday on this very image and, more worryingly it took out the image I was working on in its entirety. Fortunately I had just duplicated the picture (well, not too many steps beforehand) so… Well… Still loving it but that one worried me a little.

((edit1: updated image slightly. Added some shadows and glows.))