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Frogs and Owls.

Last years pictures were mainly of Frogs and Flamingos… Which was good, they worked brilliantly together and the Gadget Show especially would have been nothing without the two characters working as well as they did*. But things change and it’s time to move on a little so the Frog has been looking for a new sidekick. Not 100% sure but may well be Owls.

…and you can see an animation of the image coming together here:


Which will, in a way, be very ironic as one of my first jobs out of college was working at Pepper’s Ghost Productions, makers of (in the end, after a HUGE amount of trial and error) (lots of error in fact) Raucous Caucus – a hilarious US Clinton vs Dole screensaver – and Bing and Bong; Tiny Planets.

But… before it was Pepper’s Ghost it was called CyberClass and the logo was an Owl. Well. Eventually it was an Owl. The original logo was an eye with the highlight in the iris being a combined CC. Then we transitioned to an owl and then to a complete company rebrand starring a Victorian stage magician.

Those, indeed, were the days.

Actually it was fab… I worked with some marvelous people who, me being me, I’ve lost contact with and miss loads. It was a good time and my first job as a concept artist (although a lot of the artwork I created at Bullfrog could have been looked at as being concept art but was free time stuff that they subsumed into whatever project was on at the time. Not that I was worried about that at all – concept art was a joy to produce and they liked it loads so why would I stop?)

I’ll see if I can dig out some Pepper’s Ghost and CyberClass stuff some time. Not now – have got a Big Draw to organise for tomorrow and then a Book Draw to organise for Weds. Hey ho. Busy. Will be doing tablet artwork and will be doing shrink plastic artwork so will be fun. But oh boy the headaches of the past week are hard to shift.

… and some of the clever wife’s clever stuff am here, including an owl that looks better than mine (although I was happy with how the pic at the top of the page turned out 🙂 )


*’twas a good year…