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Interesting couple of days which, sadly have seen wifey taken to A+E to have a splint fitted

((in as much as she did a fair amount of gardening on Saturday morning which led to a bizarre instant RSI thing coming on. Very quickly her wrist swelled up to a fair old size and became unusable – which made it tricky to drive for a start – and on Sunday she stopped trying to tough it out and went for advice. Better now that she can’t move it and has a splinty type support)).

Some parts of the weekend have been lovely ((a picnic on the green with some lovely church friends and a meal the day before with some equally lovely work one +1 ๐Ÿ™‚ )) – some less so ((autism + inability to cope with anger = not chilling of atmosphere)). Anyhow just on here for a sec ((plus bracketed edit)), add a vid then off to pack kids up for school tomorrow (hey it’s ALL about the preperation…

Naaahhh not really but one of the littleys is off to the Lakes for a school week away tomorrow early so have to organise for that now.) ((That side of things all went off fine, phew)).

Anyhow, drew a ย picture that always comes to mind when I listen to the beginnings of the Joystiq podcast – one of my faves. Edited it while cooking dinner (how’s THAT for multi tasking gender stereotypists) and uploaded while … well, I deserved a bit of a break…

So: the Joystiq podcast ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s three game geeks – well, sort of geeks – chatting about games and having a laugh while doing so and it’s fabulous fun. It also comes at a very specific time of the week for me being released on a friday night for me to download once I’ve finished the last youth group of the week… So I generally get home tired (very tired at the moment because I’m drafted onto football most weeks now ๐Ÿ™‚ ) say thank you to the babysitters (without whom the youth group couldn’t run) and download the podcast. Then I tend to drift off while listening to it on my iPod before listening to it all over again the day after.

My exciting life, eh?

But it’s good, they are the soundtrack to my youth work in many ways and an excellent way to close the week. This pic is often the one that comes to mind as it begins to shut down (and I used to take aaaages to chill out after a youth group night – now I listen to Joystiq and fall asleep within half an hour or so). Thanks chaps ๐Ÿ™‚

Brushes app showreel.

Well, sort of ๐Ÿ™‚

With the intention of getting myself out there a little more I did a Brushes app showreel last night. Will carry on rejigging (hence the V1 tag) but this is it as is at mo ๐Ÿ™‚


Next step need to completely rejig the personal website (somehow – web stuff is not exactly my forte) and then to summer holiday pounding the pavements with a placard on me or something…

Long story writ quick…

Ok so yesterdays post alluded to a long story (although if you were looking forward to it I dare say you’ll be left unsatisfied as it ain’t that interesting and I’m not going to tell all of it, not just yet)….

For the past year I’ve been snowballed under a stupid amount of projects – some legacy that I had to finish, others ones where the idea or concept took over my sensibilities. Sometimes I should have said no to people, more often I should have said no (or wait) to myself. Often I think I have to get a project worked into before someone else comes up with the idea, as if my ideas are that valuable or unusual, and sometimes I just want to get to the end of a story myself, having come up with the set up and being interested in where things go. That bounced back at me this morning as I noticed that one of my ideas for a Doctor Who story (which I’m assuming has overtaken the Great American Novel as what most authors would like to write?) seems to have been used in an audiobook due for release in the next few days. Very demoralising although it shouldn’t be. I remember fighting at a computer games company for a particular feature which struck me as very emotive (having an adventure game character follow your mouse movements with his head as you played a game. It struck me as something that would break the fourth wall well and lo and behold Grim Fandango did it six months later and it was hailed as revolutionary. Sigh… Sometimes I have ideas but rarely in the right place at the right time).

Because of that all ideas have suffered because instead of working on one project and following through on the stuff I’m less good at – marketing, ego driving, that sort of thing, all ideas flourish in small walled gardens at best. This year, as of now, I’m determined to do just the one thing and then if another comes up I’ll choose which to chase. Working on multiple projects, while holding down two part time jobs and the added rigours and joys that a family blesses me with, doesn’t work and the older I get (nearly forty, shudder ๐Ÿ™‚ ) the less I’m able to juggle things that occasionally burst into fire.

So, ten ideas or so in the forefront of my mind, all shouting ‘pick me’ and jostling for position. I know which I’ll choose and, true to form with me it’s the most recent I’ve come up with in my head so maybe I’ve not entirely learnt my lesson. In all likelihood my main joy is having its hours reduced this academic year coming (their choice, not mine) so it’ll be a level of focus on specific days. I can write, I can draw but in neither case have I gone out of my way to say ‘that’s it, this is the business I’ll focus on for a set amount of time.’ Withe the country and the academic world in the doldrums it looks like I’ve got little choice. Making burgers out of roadkill or whatever the phrase is… ๐Ÿ™‚ The current idea – that which I’mย determinedly focusing on, started out as a theme in a sketchpad exchange and has since (in the week since it formed in my mind) into something a little more. This time I’m going to work out a pitch, package it nicely, and send it to the book publishers who it’s always been my dream to work with. Maybe, this time, things will work out better than anticipated.

Soย the past picture and this one are linked to the new thing, vaguely, soko (sort of kind of). What will come will come, it’s just time to trust in my abilities a little more than I have and hope that the hard work of the past few years now pays off at a time when I need it to a little more.

That said – I still suck at self promotion as the past months semi-disastrous Waterstone’s signing proves. I can do some things well and uber confidently: I can youth work with no problems at all and have had a wonderful week of working with a wide range of young people. Talking about my writing? I end up sounding like the shiest, quietest lemon in the bag. So we’ll see how it goes, but the next couple of terms are forcing my hand so I’ve got to learn to swim quick.

The speech bubble aims at the fact that of the 12 of us on the current sketchpad exchange I’m expecting themes like ‘happy fruit’ or ‘mecha – nuns’ or something. Mine is a little bit more specific and maybe a bit more of a hospital pass ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll see what people say when they get the pad in the post….

Video of the Didi Drog…


Very short break from marking lest I go mad… As it is I’ve had a lot that I have to take away with me through non-completion ๐Ÿ™ With two weeks to go that’s not good news…

Anyhow video file of the Didiver accompanied by the lovely voiced Suzie Clarke.

Also – an illustrated sermon using football as a basis*…

*or something…

Not really – have to be in another room in a few mins anyhow. But ’twas watching Ivory Coast v Brazil yesterday as a total neutral. I didn’t care who won as long as there were skills on show.

What I got, in the first half certainly, was overpaid petulance, two teams scared to move forwards and the most ridiculous of strung together hospital passes. And one of the most ludicrous dives by lil Didz Drogs which was both entertaining in its athleticism as it was mischievous in its gamesmanship. So I doodled this as I watched:

Of course that was followed by Kaka and Keita and their little theatrical double header, a horrendous leg snapper (which seems to have been forgotten by the media… Was the third goal scorer seriously injured or not? Apart from the replays there’s been no info that I’ve seen) and so on… What interested me was that both Kaka and Drogba raised their fingers to heaven or crossed themselves in thanks for particular parts of their game – the parts that worked right – yet didn’t stop themselves from mischief or unsportsmanlike actions throughout the rest of the game. I generally follow football through the radio – Alan Green being a particular favourite although sometimes short memoried sommentator – but even I know that Drogba is a thesauralย equivalentย of cheating/diving/playacting toadwart. Kaka I’ve generally not followed but was vaguely aware that he has his moments… So the match seemed to be a 90 minute variation of Police, Camera Action where you see cars cut up and put in danger by drivers with fish signs on the back.

So, no sermon then ๐Ÿ™‚ just amused me with the parallel. And now is close enough to 11 that I have to dash so dash I will.

The Thanks SFX image with a lill bit of blur…

((chortle ๐Ÿ™‚ Just realised I’m listening to Live and Hyde Park so STEREO blur: some in the ears, some for the eyes).

Blur, or, more specifically, Albarn, is my favourite basis for a loved musical experience: I’m a huge fan of Gorillaz and blur and Monkey and tGtBatQ and so on. He strikes me as one of the most intelligent lyricists of my generation and I find endless inspiration at Damon’s ability to reinvent himself and his work. I don’t always agree with the message behind the music (although often I do) but I always find myself engaged with his concepts and arguments.

Sidetrack ahoy.

Off to mark in a min ๐Ÿ™ Just wanted to do something fun before the avalanche of paperwork descends…. Sorry, I’m coming to the realisation that I’m always tired and I’m always moaning… I’ll try harder to document the nice things. Father’s day yesterday was very pleasant for example with both myself and my own dear old dad having some very pleasant presents and family time together. So hurrah for that ๐Ÿ™‚ I also slept for 12 hours solid having helped clear up all of the chairs/tables/bouncy castles (three of them! Well, 2 and a bouncy fight gladiator style thing) from our churches fun day on the green on the Saturday. And that was a very good 12 hours spent productively ๐Ÿ™‚ The sleep I mean, although the fun day went well too.

Big thanks aimed at SFX magazine.

So a friend of mine, who is a complete geek, facebooked me a few days ago to say that one of my youtube vids had been picked as their best of the month. Which was very cool indeed and a lovely feeling (normally most of my work makes a spectacular non-impact). Anyway this is the vid they liked:


which gave me the impetus to finish this:


and got me drawing (and finishing) this:


Just had all of the student work EVd at college so energy levels are pretty low at mo’. That said it’s done now, which is something and one less thing on the list of things which are needing to be done and sorted. Did these yesterday, uploaded today ๐Ÿ™‚

Another iPod brushes doodle. I tried to make it in Brushes on the iPad and also in Pixelmator and neither gave me the pic I had in mind. Not that this is that either, but it’s closer. Next try will be in Expression and I’ll see what that comes up with with my help.

Also did these in Brushes on the iPod on the eave of a pitch for something. We’ll see but hope the next week goes better than the last one did.

I did find a few moments to draw in over the weekend. In fact I came out with four pics which I’ll upload soonish. That said I’m late to a mates to do our occasional computer gameathon so one will have to do for the mo’. It’s of a new friend, the church’s new vicar, who’s a lot of fun and didn’t mind the doodle. Which is good ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus the motion file:


Righto, off to lose, repeatedly.