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Change of pace.

Sadly not dropping down a gear: moving up one 🙁

Anyhow, just finished (unless changes occur) the medical comic thing I’ve been doing. It’s been a doozy. Lots of info to get across in a very limited space, not the easiest of tasks. As much of a sample as I can add here:


Also did this, ostensibly for War Child which is a charity I support. BAsically I do freelance work and, rather than have to faff around worrying about the tax or anything I just get them to donate my fees to various charities: EngageHIVaids, War Child and Christian AId more often than not. Anyhow I phoned up teh charities the other day to ask if I could put their logos in the back of Sylver 3 – or at least the Book Fest version of the book and the War Child peeps and I got chatting and this pic came out of it. Dunno if it’s of any use to them but it sprung to mind and then onto the iPod.


Apart from that spent a mixed afternoon at the Matrix Trust’s presentation of the Queen’s recognition of the work they have done in the Guildford and Woking area over the past decade. I say mixed. It was a lovely time for a variety of reasons, but I was so tired I could have slept standing up and, in a way, I was envious of their success where I feel I achieve little. Oh well. I did see three ex-youth groupers and all said nice things to me as I went about my work on the day – one saying that he’d appreciated the places he had to sit and chat and work things out – which was very nice. And of course it is good to celebrate the work on the Matrix Trust – the garden in Guildford they’ve renovated looked amazing. Next year will be the tenth Ready 4 Action too 🙂 We’ll have to do something special for that I’d’ve thought. Righto, time to sleep 🙂

Finished one and one other possibility…





The first two are from the finalised image for the Guildford Book Festival brochure and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, all things considered. Bearing in mind the majority of my brushes work is done on a bus going to and from work I think they came out remarkably unjoggly 🙂

The final two… Hmmm…. for a long, long time I’ve wanted to exhibit some artwork. I often get the bug when I’m organising (or attending) gigs by the youth group bands. I love them all to pieces but a part of me wishes that I could step on stage and perform even a little bit as well as they do. I can’t, of course. They’re the musicians and I’m merely the organiser. But I can draw and that’s been a nagging voice in my head for a couple of years now. With Brushes I have a body of about 20 or so paintings that will look very nice printed out large, on canvas, small and framed etc and it’s in my mind to pursue, to see if it’s feasible (sorry, Dith. I convinced myself 🙂 but it’s by no means a definite.) So, anyhow, drew this… Y’know… Just in case…

If it does happen I’ll try and organise one test showing around the book festival date (probably a week after) but we’ll see… Very much up in air/back of brainwaves sort of mulling…

Poster and other jibberish.

Images first:



These are details of the poster for the Big Book Draw. Started in Brushes on the iPod touch on the number 34 bus and finished in Pixelmator on the… hmmm what was it? 34 or 35? One or the other anyhow. The busses are my zone, as I’ve mentioned before. Finishing it off now and listening to rock blues because I’m feeling a little deflated for no reason I can put my finger on really.

Anyhow: image more or less working. Because of the nature of the Brushes app you can neither plan ahead too greatly nor change things once the framework is set in place which is both liberating (no tools to distract, just you and a brush) and limiting (you mean I can’t move just that part of the picture two pixels to the right nnnnnn….) Loving it as ever but there’s a couple of times I’m frowning at it wishing it had just the one more tool I need although I dare say others are doing that too just wanting something different and therein lies the road to bloat.

Lastly have been looking at artwork from two of my favourite artists: Dave McKean and Guillherme Marconi. Inspiring and dispiriting in equal measure although that’s more to do with the mood I find myself in this evening. DMK’s opus (well, one of them) Cages is due for re-release soon and it’s something I’ve missed out on parts of so can’t wait to catch up on that.

Anyhow: time to rest. Taking child 2 to Pa pa’s tomorrow and that’ll require reserves of energy intact.

Brekkie in bed: this is not the surprise you were looking for…

OK so regular readers (hey mum and Ian and others 🙂 ) will know that son boy is autistic. Depending on the day it’s either severe (non-understanding and head hitting) or… well, I was about to say mild, but that’s not necessarily the word… Cope-able. Some days we feel like we’ve survived, others we feel like we’ve been hit by a hurricane.

Sometimes it’s a complete downer and yesterday I had one of those moments. Standing at a bus stop watching others watch him as he sat and played with his new toys that he’d saved for in the way that he plays…  I must admit I as standing there feel quite demoralised and wondering if I’d be standing in the same place in ten years using the same coping strategies watching people watch and judge us. 

Fast forward to today and maybe the answer is there and it’s not the one I expected. Being autistic means (and this is a generalisation – it’s a lot of things) that there’s a lot of routine and a lot of cause and effect. Sometimes it helps: son boy ran through stinging nettles once and I kissed it better and said it was and then stopped crying and went back to normal, looking down at the stings with a questioning look every so often. (I didn’t say all better with that in mind natch, was just surprised at the result).

It also means that, for the past five years, he’s woken up at 4 or so, come into our room at 6 and that’s when the day starts, noisily and without slowing down. He’ll jump on one of our heads until we get up and get him breakfast which, with the occasional deviation, is always the same thing and works around his trigger colours (in face we realised recently that everything he eats, especially his favourites, are based around his trigger colours: duh, THAT only took us three or so years to work out). 

And then, today, he surprised us. I mean full on, out and out mouth open surprise. Still came in early but, this time, closer to 7. We woke up groggily – a little lay in will do that to you – and he said the normal questions: do you like this, do you like that… After a half hour or so we said: daddies turn to make breakfast (I didn’t even wake up at all yesterday after the filming of the school show) and he replied, in a very off the cuff remark, that he’d already had it.

Cue  brakes slam on, tires screeching, mouths open. Whu de Whu?

He made his breakfast, still, from the state of the kitchen table, very much to the rules he lives by and I’d be surprised if the order deviated at all… But he made his breakfast, on his own, because he wanted to…

Maybe I won’t be standing at that bus stop in ten years time… Who knows. But breakfast in bed was a lovely surprise.

SNOW part four….

All school’s back today, well, both of ours anyhow. Art centre not back though, as we’re assuming that the evenings are going to be the harder parts of the day to travel in and a missed bus late at night is a killer. ((I still remember an Arriva bus – hi guys – waiting as I ran down the road before it slammed the door in my face and drove off on a late minus one night (I’d been given a lift in a friends car to near to the bus stop. With an hour between busses that was a long night))).

Which is a less than gentle moan. Actually I do like busses, despite them occasionally being driven by surly or scary individuals and priced to not compete. I like sitting near the back, left hand side, opening up the laptop (Macbook natch 🙂 not rich enough for a Pro and prefer the smaller 13 inch screen size) and typing away. So busses still get the nod from me, but occasionally a hesitant one. People often complain of having no time, me, I have no time also, but love the hour and a half I spend on a bus on a travelling day…

Anyhow, one school is not open, against the County Council advice, because the roads near it aren’t too treacherous, but too full of parents who drive their kids in, which makes them treacherous (seriously the drivers around the school don’t care about who’s around as long as they get their parking space.) Add ice into the mix and the school was right, although I dare say they’ll get a bit of flack for it.

Apart from that college is back also, but Weds is my clear day, so spending the day typing (mainly Sylver) as long as I can do so. Starting from… now!