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I haven ‘t blogged for a month???

Well. Maybe not much of a surprise. Has been a hugely busy and chaotic month.

Will blog more soon, so much to blather on about. Did my leg in then walked 15 miles, took 40 students to a small comic gathering over 3 days showing off tablet art techniques to 100,000 people (working a ninety hour week and walking 60 km in the process) as well.

Hmm. A theme gathering here, yet I still look like Jabba the Slug. Sigh.

ANYHOW! Busyness. To whit the next blog post. But before that I present a distracted paint iPad ArtRage doodle I did last night while watching the latest preposterous slice of 24.

The illustrated Sunday Brunch…

I’ve chatted about him before but a good friend of mine is also an amazing inventor/maker. Occasionally he invents things for me (such as this wonderful tablet easel stand called the Eye) and more often than not he comes along and helps when we do amazing events at the college… Nick was invited to have his new one wheeled self balancing unicycle (link goes to last years version) shown off on Channel 4s Sunday Brunch – as part of promoting the Maker Faire happening next week in Newcastle and I was more than happy to help him carry the unicycles when they were powered down….

All in all it’s been a heck of a weekend. Let’s recap shall we?

On arrival, once we’d safely stowed the one wheeled objects away of course, we headed out for dinner. That was always going to be at Honest Burger in Camden. Because pudding in Camden is always:

Chin Chins
, but you knew that, right? This flavour is Mango sorbet with hot sawwce (chilli, garlic and other fiery ingredients) and Pistachio and Cardamon powder. Yum…. However:


Post dinner at Honest (yes, pudding came first) and drinkies at the Grafton we headed back to the hotel to have a very lovely chat with the Tech Camp team about their project that they would be showing off (something very cool called a Time Machine – strobe illuminated water droplets that could slow, stop and move backwards… ) prior to shut eye.

Five hours later and it was back up and running time. But that’s unfair on the hotel, which was excellent. Especially good were the complimentary Dairylea dunkers that had to be seen to be believed:


Onto the production studio for the show and a complimentary bacon sandwich, coffee and time for two pictures to be drawn on my trusty Tesco Hudl:


I honestly drew these before ‘the incident’ and no, I’m no claiming some sort of Odessa Effect style pictoral foreshadowing here.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We were whisked past a very cool ceiling window:

before Nick was filmed riding the Jackal:

It was deemed more suitable for Nick to drive the Jackal after Tim the presenter flew off the front of the machine having let go of the dead mans switch (which is perfectly understandable as a thing to do. I’ve done similar myself on the Noway Nick built). I didn’t take a photo but it’s there for all to see on 4OD as of tomorrow I think. He ducked and rolled well though and was smiling/still positive about the invention, which was very good of him. Did cause a slight wound to the Jackal:

…but if you’re going to get a ding then for it to happen on a pre recorded sequence for a live morning show on a major TV network seems the best way of doing it.

Pre-record completed there was a run through of the sequence, which they were kind enough to let me stand in the background and draw:

and then after a short wait (when a slight debate about whether a potentially strobing light was more dangerous than a Tesla Coil or a laser gun):

we were onto the live sequence itself:

…and, since I didn’t get thrown out immediately I drew Yvette Fielding prior to her interview segment which followed the Maker Faire sequence.

… and then I was chucked out 🙂 Partially as a taxi was  due to arrive to take Nick and I, and the unicycles, back to rainy Surrey. Which was a real shame… I’d have loved to keep drawing – especially would like to have drawn Lethal Bizzle and Katy B – but time was pressing and the studio staff had a million thinks to think about without also having to worry about an orange hairy potential trip hazard.

Then it was catch up with the family, sharing Easter presents, watching son play Wii Fit and, to chill, I hooked up with @DQSlothdude on iPad/Drawing Together app (all of the pictures above were drawn on my Hudl using either Sketchbook or Photoshop Touch) and drew this:

Basically? An Easter to remember 🙂

Back at the Labs, again :)

Last night was a very lovely meet up in London with a brain trust of tech cleverness over a curry with a mate called Nick who’s building something brilliant. How’s that for an intro sentence 🙂

I’m not overly sure whether it was an unannounced public shenanigan day but Nick and I didn’t have a single part of our journey (well, one train was OK) that wasn’t spoiled by a drunken mess of noise and confusion. Odd. I’ve done London trips a good few times on a Friday/Saturday night but don’t remember one as messy (and vaguely unsettling) as this one. Actually it started with a couple of nitwits shouting and V signing us as we walked into town and stayed at that level of intelligence until we reached out destination. An odd Saturday night all told.

(Raspberry sun spot).

Regardless: London means one thing and the one thing is Chin Chin Labs in Camden Market. We were there to pick up something but you can’t not have the special while in the shop 🙂 Nick had a Brownwich (two chocolate coookies with vanilla ice cream that looked ultra yum) and I had one of the two specials (Cream Cheese, Red Velvet and Grilled White Chocolate the other being Cherry Fizz which I was also sorely tempted by). Possibly the best one I’ve had from there, although I tend to say that a lot. Mmmm mmm Mmmm.

(the happy moment when the ice cream is there).

I’ve done a number of Chin Chin Labs inspired pics in the past (and these are just the ones that’re tagged, must get in there and fix some more sometime when I have free time (hahaha). It’s very much one of my favourite zone places on the planet to work. Such a shame they don’t have a shop in Guildford… But at least Camden’s not toooo far away.

Pics taken on iPhone 5S using my trusty Olloclip.

BETT 2014.

(Drawn on Tesco Hudl on the way to BETT day 2, Sketchbook app).

A longer blog post to come I think, with a few more details. But in brief, I and some of my graphics and IT students were invited to be a part of the Steljes stand at BETT (www.bettshow.com). Working on SMARTboards we were asked to draw for two 45 minutes sessions and explain some apps which might be useful for teachers or the artistic process for teachers who may not teach art (or some who might) and who could use pointers on where to start.
(a student drawing on a SMARTboard using ArtRage app).

Working primarily in ArtRage – an excellent program and app which is both very powerful and also very sympathetic to new digital artists – we also created images in Sketchbook (less kind to beginners but the symmetry mode is an excellent first picture icebreaker). We also showed off SumoPaint, Didlr and Webchemy – the latter package delivering excellent results which I look forward to posting soon. I also drew a few pictures in SMARTs own Note application which was very useable and often caught people’s attention because they recognised the interface  but not the outcome.
(drawing dinosaurs on Note program, SMARTboard).

For my part? Well, I’m in the post show/absolutely shattered phase at the moment (which, coincidentally has me wondering when the next show is because they’re a huge amount of fun to do). “For only drawing for 90 minutes a day?” you might say aloud in astonishment. “You great big wuss” you may additionally think, being, of course, far too polite to say such an accusatory awfulness aloud.

Well, no. Because literally every second I was there I spent either walking to new stands or drawing on devices I’d rarely seen before. BETT is a fabulous show and from day one I found myself surrounded by a plethora of devices I couldn’t wait to connect my stylus to, ranging from unreleased (as yet) larger screen tablets to table top projectors to huge interactive screen displays to… well… all sorts. The pedometer tells me I walked a minimum of 8 miles a day so I think I’ll return it as it’s obviously faulty. I did WAY more than that 🙂

(drawing a Marmite jar on an Epson tablet top interactive projector).

Four days were, very much, nowhere near enough. I made it a rule, one I almost stuck to, to not draw on any device twice, regardless of how much I liked it. Even with that constraint in place I found myself finishing the final day regretting a number of missed opportunities of screens unscribbled.

The highlight? Well, I like screens, and I found few I didn’t enjoy drawing on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Sony and Intel stands. Again I surprised myself by enjoying the HP stand (sorry, but up until a yer or so ago I’d found HP screens to be muddy and laggy and unresponsive to the styli I rested against them). To find that the tablets on offer were significantly better than I remember was heartening and, most importantly, they had a HUGE six screen wall of monitors which they were kind enough to allow me to hijack for half an hour. THAT was the highlight of the four days for me, with the only regret that half an hour drawing on such a huge and impressing canvas was not nearly enough. A video to come on that, soon.

(drawing a Marmite jar on the HP six monitor set up using Microsoft Paint).

Another highlight was getting to take two sets of students to Chin Chin Labs 🙂 Which is ALWAYS a wonderful way to end an event day.

I’m told this looks like Santa Clause. Which I can sort of see, so is doubly brilliant.

All in all a hugely tiring and utterly excellent week.

A sad moment @chinchinlabs…

Post work, as we were so close to Chin Chin in Camden, it would have been rude not to pop in. So my film making colleague and I did, and it was lovely.

The moment when the ice creams are gone… Always a sad moment though… 🙁

(photographed using You Gotta See This app and edited using Snapseed, iPhone 4).

Also found out today that my Woemetheus ArtRage painting is being exhibited in the La Maf exhibition in LA soon. More on that soon but very cool news 🙂

iPad and friends art exhibition, buying an iPad 3 and what happens next…

So it’s been a lovely bonkers week, only some of which I remember.

Weds was the opening of the art exhibition. For those who’ve not read prior posts: I organised an art exhibition of my students and those in the photography and Fine Art departments. It wasn’t without issue but it was a lovely show. The original plan had been for the tutors to follow it up with an exhibition of their own but, for one reason of another they mostly dropped out leaving me with a couple of weeks of exhibition venue to fill, if I wanted to. My workload should have dictated that I said no and that I’d pass but I’m a little bit too stubborn and stupid to do that. So I phoned around, got a few other artists to join in and then we had a magnificent 7 artists doing a lovely collaborative exhibition of everything from soft toys to coil guns, pen and ink to iPad art with fine art in between. Lovely stuff.

So we filled the room full of people, everyone seemed to have a very merry time and it was all lovely.

Thursday I don’t really remember, Friday I taught for the morning, dashed up to London to buy an iPad 3 or two, dashed back, did youth group, got home to draw and was so tired I fell asleep almost instantly, which is where things more or less remain. Saturday and Sunday, father in laws birthday/Mothering Sunday notwithstanding, have been very dozy days.

(didn’t take any photos of the iPad 3 dash – it was a little frenetic and I felt guilty about walking in and out of the store without having to queue – but I did take a couple of snaps at Chin Chins 🙂 Also: tweeted the next image to a twitter contact which I hope entertained him in a q for a few seconds or so…)

Next on the list is next Saturday (photo and art walk around Camden Market – more of which later), the week after is the Hockney exhibition with my students and the world’s first iPad and tablet only life drawing session…

So: lots on the menu over the next couple of weeks and then have a week COMPLETELY booked off. After that? We’ll see. Still no idea on the iPad art book hitting the bookstore – the EIN/ITIN/SS4/w8-BEN/W7/US IRS/Apple accreditation side of things still being all ways up in the air – but stuff to come, that’s for sure…