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Screen Sharing (and so on and on and on :) )

Results day at college today which is always a little emotional for good and bad reasons. All of my students passed, which was good, but they didn’t always pass all courses, which is less so.

So come 3.30 it was time to escape and draw something so off to PC World I went to do 70 minutes of drawing. Which I have been known to do off and on (and on)… (and on). (As well as at the Gadget Show and so on).

I started off with a LG G3, which I’ve wanted to draw on for a while:

Which I liked loads. VERY nice screen and built in art (and notes) app which worked very smoothly. Drawn with a Jot Script stylus (as were all of the pictures below as well).

Once I’d drawn on that my eye went to an Asus hybrid laptop. I’ve wanted to draw on an Asus Vivotab 8 for a few weeks now and this was as close as they got. No idea what to draw and a brief trawl through the sludge of my memory  came up with a Cyberman so that’s what I drew using the very wonderful Fresh Paint app:

(which I also liked loads and makes me more interested than even to draw on a Vivotab 8).

And then, as I still had a few minutes left of the hour I’d allotted myself, I drew on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 edition. I’d been told that side of the shop had a Samsung Galaxy Pro to hand but that proved not to be the case but, while that side of the shop, I decided to draw on the more recent version of the tablet instead:

All in all a lovely hour (well, 70 minutes) of drawing… Enjoyed doing the Cybermen too, so may come back to them in the future.


We’re all fully signed up Dr Who fans in the Kercal household…. So we were determined to catch the Who Exhibition before it closes and regenerates (and then we’ll probably catch it all over again).

Anyhow, that led to this:

…and I bought (and swapped a gold Dalek) for this:

(which takes pride of place on my table of skulls):

…. and I photographed the waistcoat from Paul McGann’s costume because I liked it (and for no real plan in mind). Yesterday I turned it into this (on my trusty ArtRage/iPhone combination 🙂 )

(which makes me wish I’d taken more photos of the costumes to do various regenerations of Stylus T. Frog… 🙂 Ah well, hope the costumes are still there for the next time the Experience is open 🙂 )

And I also stole a couple of minutes to draw a Marlek in PC World in Cardiff 🙂

…and the good wife also found herself creatively inspired by the idea of being at the Dr Who Experience so made some felt toys to go along with us…

 ….and she also made me a felt Stylus T. Frog for our 21st Wedding Anniversary which was the day before we did the Dr Experience 🙂


Bad guys in hats…

Loving Doctor Who at the moment: Steven Moffat is a heck of a writer/controller and I like the way it’s moving from one organised scene to another.

The other thing I like is the look of the new group of bad guys. The cold blood/lizard two parter wasn’t the highlight of series 5 for me but the lizards looked great. Similarly the Ood, Silents, new Cybermen design etc are all beautifully designed (esp the Ood which were spectacularly let down by the growth in their role to becoming a poor Eurovision boy band group led by – oh yes, the obligatory mad mystic)… I’m probably in the minority but also like a lot of what the Moff has done with the Daleks. RTD painted them into a corner and Travesty of the Daleks (can’t remember the real name – the New York two parter) was one of the low points of modern Who for me. “Dalekanium!” was… well… I was glad to see the show change hands tbh.

Once an eps done and dusted I’m straight on my iPad drawing. Something about the show is so driving and energising and gets me wanting to create something straight off (which is ironic really because if I could point to some of the things that stopped me writing, for the time being anyhow, one woud be how effortless Moffat makes it look). I’ve decided to stick with a theme and the theme is bad guys in hats. If the good Doctor can be so obsessed I think it’s fair enough that I can be too. Pic 1 was the Silent, of course, in a fez, ditto. Second is the new Cyberman – a design which I’m probably most fond of in the whole new universe of Who. The hat though, that belongs to a tech journalist who I’m equally fond of, Andy Ihnatko. In my mind he’s the special guest star of a Cybermen in the US ep. He discovers their cunning plan to take over the online infrastructure and, in a glorious moment of self sacrifice he and his dog, Buster, alert the tech media to the presence of a malicious stampy menace, alerting the Cybermen to his alerting and they all come and delete him. And the dog. And the nation all goes ‘ohhhhh’ because it’s impossible to dislike Andy I and everyone likes the plucky sci fi dog.

But then the tables are turned. Everyone grabs their smart phone, points it into the air, says “I believe in Andy” and one Cyberman, wearing his signature hat, manages to upload an app which takes control of the rest of the invading metal men and they all disappear into the cloud. While the AI Cyberman, released as a posable figure to coincide with the episode and named Cybernatko, glows and the metal C on his chestplate becomes an Apple logo.  At which point he becomes Steve Jobs personal assistant, does half of each keynote and wipes out the competition, thus creating a dichotomy: did he become Andy in a metal suit or did he manage to take over the world, just as a half human/half cyborg.

Actually the end may need work (mostly a collection of silly ideas). Here’s the pic anyhow.

And the occasionally obligatory video can be found here.