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Screen sharing in Guildford PC World: the video.

Part of yesterdays massive 18k step marathon was forty minutes of popping into PC World while a friend and I waited for some aerospace grade resin was cut to shape for a brilliantly bizarre machine making process. So a vaguely normal Friday then.

Anyhow he agreed to video me drawing while we waited (on my long suffering iPhone 3GS) hence this, pictures drawn on a Lenovo laptop and a Sony Vaio Duo 11 using Fresh Paint and Paint apps using a Stylus Sock and a Dagi stylus.

Music by the very marvellous >>Duke Special<<.

It’s good to screen share… (again :) )

Today has been very long and fairly extraordinary. More to come on it but it started with the very lovely sight of a range of special education needs children, including a few in wheelchairs, dancing. Then had a short pause to buy aerospace grade resin and chat about the coolest possible Kickstarter and ended with watching Dr Who with the family over a Heston ready meal.

In between that – forty minutes of screen sharing in Guildford PC World…

Ironically both laptops cost £499 (although the Sony Vaio 11 is the last one in stock and heavily reduced)… I think it’s possible the Sony sliders are my favourite machines (possibly although it has the additional help that they were the machines we used primarily at the Gadget Show Live) and I never tire of drawing on them. Sad to think that when this ones gone I won’t draw on one again 🙁

Anyhow, more on today later. Screen Sharing was just the easy part to blog about…

Screen sharing in PC World Guildford…

Again, but with a new name 🙂

Screen Sharing is my current new happy name for popping in and drawing on their devices. Had a lovely chat with a couple of staff members, as normal, and drew three pictures on three machines in 1 hr 45 mins 🙂

Middle one painted on a Lenovo desktop using Microsoft Paint. Top and Bottom image painted using Fresh Paint app on a Samsung Ultrabook and HP desktop respectively.

Used a range of styli: Stylus Sock, Nomad Compose, Nomad Flex, Nomad Mini 2, Pogo Sketch Pro, Pogo Connect, Muji glove and Dagi stylus.

Busy week. Tablet and Traditional art workshops ahoy…

So things are officially a little busy at the moment in Kercalton.

For a start we’re coming to the end of the lovely Lightbox series, which I’ll be sad to see end, where I’ve been leading a ten week tablet and traditional artwork series for 8-10 year olds. They are and have been an ace group to work with. This week we did scraper artwork on glow in the dark board, shrink plastic consequence characters, tablet artwork liquifying faces and, from the ones we did last week, added a bit of colour sparkle to the face mashes I’d printed out for them.

All in all a very lovely session.

Following that I’ve been at the Surrey Sports Park doing a multi school Teentech event with my students. Basically we rocked up with a range of tablets, stood them up in a range of easels and let people have a go. And it was corkingly good throughout. My students were absolutely fantastic and the school aged students and teachers seemed to have a whale of a time. Hurrah indeed.

Teentech is the brainchild of Maggie Philbin (although there’s probably a lot of people involved in the doing of it as it seems a HUGE endeavour) and she popped over, very kindly (and much appreciated) as we’ve done a shedload of events where nobody takes the time to say hi, and had a photo taken with the team.

(obligatory bunny ears pic).

Some of the artwork produced, in 15 mins, by some of the school age first time tablet artists…

And then, at the end of the day (which was lovely but oh my flip was I tired and a smidge stressful *CoughArrivaLackOfBussesCough*) I had ten minutes to sit and draw…. Only problem was had absolutely no idea what to do! So, if in doubt for an idea ask a student and between us we came up with the idea of the University of Surrey (‘cos that’s where we was) logo:

… as a Pokemon evolution. fifteen minutes later (well, packing was going so well by them so I felt like I could take the extra time… 🙂 ) this was on the screen.

(iPad 4, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Dagi and Nomad).

I would have LOVED to have put the pic above on the big screen (like what we did a year or so ago in the very same hall with Sketchshare….)

but it was an iPad 4 and Lightning port and I didn’t have a that to VGA connector 🙁 Boo.

But apart from that… Excellent day. Woop.

(edit: and, by request, here’s the Uni/Pokemon logo without text…)


In the Shadow of the Spider Tree.

I don’t normally paint like this, coming back and noodling around on a picture. But a: I’m not the same person I was two months ago and b: Fresh Paint does make it fun to sit and paint with.

So anyhow. The Spider Tree. I’ve been walking past it on my waddling commute to work for ten years and have always been fascinated by it. It grows so close to an overgrown, unreachable and forgotten aspect of a main tributary of the Thames that the branches which grow upwards are reflected back into the green stillness, making it look like the worlds biggest spider – ominously waiting for people to come close even though it stands alone in its own patch of shadow.

Near it, a couple of years ago, two swans nested and tried to hatch eggs – but the weather put paid to that hope and, for many weeks, walking past the derelict eggs became a daily reminder of natures cruelty.

Last year the swans returned, the eggs hatched, and they moved on soon after. Have barely seem them since although a friend told me the – goslings? Swanlets? Were growing very happily.

And now the Spider Tree has taken on another aspect for me. I’ll carry on walking past it, for the moment (but have been looking for new adventures for a short while and think I may just leave to seek one come August whether one finds me first or not). It’s no longer the enemy of the swans but a bit more omnipresent. I thought it hadn’t moved but it turns out I was wrong in many ways and it allows me to give a character to some of my blacker thoughts; like a black dog re-imagined by Wes Craven. Occasionally I imagine myself floating down the leaf filled still waters towards the tree and whatever outcome that would deliver which is basically where this painting comes from. A sanguine moment of stillness and contemplation.

Will continue noodling around with it, hoping I dont overwork the painting (which is something I almost never do as a picture is rarely a continuation for me). Then again I might come back to the tree sometIme in a different picture. But for the moment I’m restful near it, hopefully not permanently in its clutches.