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Coffee and screens: painting on a Dell Venture Pro 11.

Yesterday started in the normal Monday fashion – loads of work and hitting the ground running… Monday and Wednesday are 3d at the moment – basic environments to one year and basic modelling to the other. I wanted to show the students vertex displacement using a procedurally generated image and then a hand drawn texture map and somehow this happened. Which they said I should blog. So I have.

That was followed by the borrowing of a Dell Venture Pro 11 Win 8 tablet from the College’s IT dept with the promise to return it the following morning. That gave me the time to draw this:

(Romantic zombie ‘Jugular, Jugular, Wherefore art thou?’ Fresh Paint plus a range of styli).

Followed by this:

(The United Nations of Finger Painters: Fresh Paint plus a range of styli).

…and then , after an acceptable nights sleep:

(Mornin’ Drawin’. Mainly drawn in the oil pastels mode as I realised I’d barely used it up until now…)

Followed by this:

All in all? I liked the tablet a lot, and certainly like Win 8 on a touch screen tablet and VERY MUCH like Fresh Paint as an art app. It’s a little slice of joy to play with and always makes me smile to click on the happy yellow and red icon.